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Sometimes I think about how porn came to be and how it actually brought itself to existence. I also wonder often times who of all people would pioneer something so ground breaking and how they put it to life. How did they cast the women? Or the men themselves? Yeah, the history of it all goes a long, long way but if you are creatively curious like me, you would begin to wonder as well. There are a whole lot of companies that bring the very best of porn and they do not fail to deliver at all. Also, often times, these famous companies love showing and implementing their roots to the general public and we as porn enthusiasts, love them for that. One of these companies is Hustler.

Sound too familiar? That is because Hustler has been around since forever, pleasuring men with their presentations of women and the sinful treat they bring with them. Of course, it was not all that with the porn mogul because they did not start out as a porn site or network, they started out as a prominent porn magazine that brought happiness to plenty of individuals back in the days. Now, what makes them stand out? Surely, there are a hundred more porn magazine publications back in the days. Well, Hustler Magazine was known for their uncensored, unadulterated, uncompromised, and overly gorgeous women who knew exactly what to do in front of the camera. These were the type of ladies that made a mark in the pornographic industry and Hustler had them, and still has them, and they seem to be growing in numbers.

Only difference now though is that they branched up to producing boner inducing porn sites with different themes. One of Hustler’s gem is BeaverHunt. This large porn site solely focuses on the adventures of an aspiring porn star. Here you will not only get a glimpse of the lovely ladies and their sexual activities but their roots as well. Roots as in you will be seeing them get fucked while they audition for their first porn roles ever. The site mainly focuses on amateur girls and hardcore sex. Some of these girls also begin with submitting photos and videos of themselves, nude and often times, doing the nasty with themselves.

That aside, not everything is considered hardcore in here as some (but only a few) of the other submissions are purely soft core, but still really erotic and can still give you a fiery boner, if you ask me. Hustler has been known for their magnificent presentation of X rated materials and it is not hard to see why. BeaverHunt is no different. This porn site may sound funky at some point but it is far from being one. It gives its members or subscribers plenty of amazing content and bonuses that it is very hard to steer away from once you get the hang of things. BeaverHunt is not your ordinary porn site, it so much more than that. Not only does it present good and quality porn, the features are equally just as astounding.

Design & Features

BeaverHunt has a very simple website design that focuses more on the content and the ladies above anything else. The white background and the black fonts work well with each other and does not look too complicated at all. With its minimalistic design, the focus and highlight remains on the content rather than the website’s design. Most of the time, when I stumble across a porn site, I usually jeer at the cheesy, headache inducing designs they possess but that is not the case for BeaverHunt. The user interface is very user-friendly and the navigation holds just as much promise, with it being fairly easy to use and navigate to.

The menu bar technically is just located on top of the page and at the very bottom you get links to the support page. You also get the option to watch live sex cams or shows but I reckon you need to pay extra for that certain feature. They also have links to the Hustler store where you can buy a handful of stuff that would most likely fuel your sexual fantasies. Ideally, the main page (or more known as the home page) of BeaverHunt gets a photo banner of some random amateur girl who is naked from head to toe and below that are the throng of movie and scene trailers accompanied by a number of video caps that belongs to the scene. These are considered previews and they do not fail at giving information about the particular scene at all.

Along with the trailer and video caps, you get a description of each video, as well as the name of the girl (or girls) and a short biography of them, containing their hair color, ethnicity, eye color, bust size, height, and weight. With that, you also are given the link to the girls’ photo galleries. The gallery can be downloaded in zip files. As of now, there are around 250+ photo galleries containing an average of 25 photos each. All the photos are in hi res. BeaverHunt allows you to comment on their content, as well as rate them. There is technically a model index and there are several browsing tools considering that the site is a bit huge already. With your BeaverHunt subscription, you also get free access to other porn sites under the Hustler network.

Girls & Videos

BeaverHunt is chock filled with random “amateur” girls who are ready to initiate their first porn flick ever. Before anything else, some of these ladies send in their photos or homemade videos and once they are called in for an audition, that is when things get seriously nasty and horny. There are currently 200+ DVD’s on the site and each lasts for about 100 minutes each. The quality is great with majority of the scenes at 1080 x 720p and 740 x 480p. All content, most specifically the movies, can be downloaded in MP4 or WMV format, or be watched in-browser with an embedded Flash player. There is no download limit for any of the content. The site doesn’t exist anymore, check more paid porn sites.

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