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Overview is a special treat with a focus on energetic lads from UK. The boys are energetic and raring to go. Most of them are drawn from the, rather, tough side of UK cities. The boys are scaly in as far as they are perceived. However, there is more beauty than scales when it gets down to what really matters. They know how to make love. They flirt, hook up, caress, kiss and make love in unique ways that can only be described as exclusive.

Design & Features

The site is one of the most organized porn sites I’ve visited. There is a clear sense of ambience and order immediately you arrive. The red and white color hues on the décor signal to the fact that you are about to experience something romantic and sensually exclusive. I mean, white is a perfect hue for class and crisp. strikes as a well-organized platform that takes user experience seriously. I was not only able to easily pick out my preferences from the list of services provided on the drop-down menu but also managed to get background information on the action that ensues. The menu outlines everything you get once you subscribe. The model index helps you zero in on the dudes you prefer to watch. There isn’t an outright search tool but there are alternative ways that you get to browse the content on this site. The content is also frequently updated. Such client sensitive tweaks help to make the site constantly entertaining. There isn’t live cam service or even bonus sites but you have a chance to stream and download as much as you desire once you subscribe to their membership. The site is perfectly accessible via mobile devices too. I often browse the pages of the site on the go; even when attending a boring meeting at the work place.

Men & Videos

I hope you remember that there are no girls here. Well, at least not your conventional girls. You have many horny, hot, sexy handsome dudes with a marked passion for romance. They squeeze each other’s bums and kiss so deeply that any female would well up with jealousy. I must confess that I haven’t seen similar energy and passion in heterosexual encounters for some time now. I don’t even know if girls can cope with so much heat and steam.
In one of the sizzling encounters, Shaum begins with a light masturbation session as he stares at the camera. I could see his tool come to life as he systematically moved his hand up and down. He is soon joined by a virile mate who goes on to suck Shaum’s tool until he is lifted to ecstatic levels as he heaves and seems to lose his breath in the ensuing sensual arousal. Shaum has no choice but bend over for a good fuck. His mate knows that Shaum is at his peak. He does not waste much time before he gets his tool deep in the Shaum’s asshole. I could hear Shaum moan in ecstasy as the dude pumped away into his anus. The dudes seem to have a synchronized orgasm as they both moan and growl in unison before they slow down. There are 114 video scenes presented in crisp quality playback. Each of the scenes comes with a 15 minute playback. There are 114 galleries with 160 pics in each. You get your videos in WMV, MP4 and MOV. The Flash player allows you to stream the content with ease. I was also allowed to download the files in a zip file folder. The zip file option helped me organize my favorite scenes in a single location.

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