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This is a sight that features attractive models in sex orgies and stunts. There is a lot of sensual action on this site. The protagonist is a tender girl; Angela. She is featured in her road to porn stardom. She initially confounds with unfamiliar porn action and seems a little overwhelmed. However, she courageously works towards acquainting herself with the world of the flesh pleasures and soon succeeds.

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Design & Features

The site is presented in fancy colors. You will be impressed with the way the girls and dudes are portrayed on the landing page. You are signaled to the fact that you are not on some somber navigation but just entering a fun site. I must admit that the sheer display and design themes helped me relax and let down my guard in anticipation. The categories are clearly laid out. There is no search tool but the categories are helpful leads to the deeper content on the site. Angela seeks to give the act of taking in cock fresh definition. She seems insatiable; even though she is said to have broken even from her innocent years recently.If you are looking for a site that deals in the best quality videos without backing down, then is the place to start. It is one of the most consistent platforms I’ve visited online. I was impressed with the fact that although the site is relatively new, they do not badge to the commercial pressure of allowing ads to interrupt user experience. The site is clean and free from pop ups that are reminiscent of many sites in modern day. I think I could do with many more video scenes. However, going by the fact that the site is still fresh on the scene, it is kinder to give it a little more time; in any case, Angela just started learning the ropes the other day. The site is well packaged; judging by the choice of their romantic décor color, the sense of order and the dynamic content that is constantly updated.

Girls & Videos

Angela is the protagonist. She sports the energy of a horny woman wanting to be laid from the point you meet her. Although she is portrayed as an amateur, Angela pulls many surprises that leave you welling with desire. You will love the way she evolves and easily aligns to the new ways of sex and romance. I love the way she is fucked by an unnamed energetic looking dude as she is cuddled and held in his laps. You are left to imagine the sensual thrill she accords the handsome dude; given that her pussy is said to be still in its early days of experiencing the rough and tumble of cocks. Once you hit the site’s landing page you will agree with my view that the it presents some of the most gorgeous women in their prime years. The girls know where to tickle viewers. Most of the models I viewed in scenes seem much energized and sport all he characteristics of tigresses in their prime sexual season. There are 34 video scenes available for viewing on this site. Each of these has a playback time of approximately 20 minutes. The files are downloadable in MOV and WMV formats. You can also stream the content using the online Flash player embedded on the site. You may decide to slow down the pace and sample the galleries. There are 34 galleries with up to 400 pics in each. Users can download the pics in a zip file. The downloadable pics are available in various sizes. Shy Angela does not hesitate to take in cock in hardcore fashion. If you love the antics of a show that revolves around a single porn-star, I guess you won’t leave Angela’s shows, easily, once you subscribe.

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