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There are possibly no males out there who don’t like to watch some cute and sexy girl on girl action every now and then. The Lesbians247 brings you a fine selection of hot videos, created with the sole purpose of satisfying your needs for “girl eating pussy” action. This website has a collected database of porn videos with hot lesbian sex in them, coming from different studios. Overall, the Lesbians247 offers a varied selection of porn, and with the great extras it’s really something, so let’s grab that magnifying glass and see what’s on the inside.

Regarding the offers, the Lesbians247 seem to live up to its promises. It’s only two years old, but it has built a collection of more than 200 videos, and there has been an update schedule in effect, however, nowadays it looks like there are gaps in the chain and longer time might pass between updates. The existing collection is quite large though, so you should give it a shot. Also, the collection is exclusive, but as far as we could depict, some scenes come from DVDs, so you might have run into them in stores or DVD-renters. You may be thinking about what’s the big idea about the site if it has a slower update schedule… well, there is more. Firstly, we must clear that the Lesbians247 is not a standalone website. It is part of a large network, called FullNetworkAccess.

It’s a promising name, isn’t it? Well, you get a full network access to the included sites, which means hundreds of porn videos to watch, ranging from simple hardcore to some more kinkier things. When you feel like you need something different than lesbian sex, there is a lot of porn sites to choose from. There are sites with straight interracial porn, Asian porn, and of course several sites feature hardcore reality porn too. If you join the Lesbians247 you get another level of goodies in the form of live cam feeds. It seems that the content is exclusive to the included sites, however they might originate from published DVDs, and if you used to buy porn discs, you may find a few flicks familiar.

Design & Features

There are dozens of good-quality thumbnails listed on the home page of the Lesbians247, which feature enough nudity to awake your lust and make you to join the website. In case you believe that you are going to like these scenes, you might head straight to the signup page, because the tour won’t grant you more info. Apart from the pictures, the only extra info you can gather comes from the features’ list on the top of the page. The daily updates and the exclusive content look promising, and as we found out it’s not really an exaggeration.

When you enter the members’ area, you will see that the site is easy to use, and that there are several tools to navigate, so you can find everything you are looking for quite easily. They placed two very important areas on the top: the search field, where you can search through the collection of the network with keywords, and by selecting a category. Under the search area, there is the main menu: it can take you to the usual fields, there is nothing extra here. A bit lower, on the right of the page, you can see one banner ad, and under that the sites’ list. Switching to another niche is as easy as clicking on one of the listed links. The sites’ list is followed by the most viewed updates, which shows you what’s currently hot.

The best video quality the Lesbians247 can offer you is a fine HD resolution. However, there are lots of older, DVD-published videos, which, no matter how hard they try to convert, just won’t look so good in HD as the actually HD-captures shots. Since the videos are professional shots, they are usually well-lit, so the picture quality looks overall good. The flicks are varied in length: there are short ones with only 15 minutes of playtime, and long videos lasting for half an hour or more. The site uses only MP4 format, and that’s the format you get played when the embedded player is used, and when you decide to download. Fortunately, HD streaming is possible. The pics-sets are large, and they mostly have high-resolution shots. You can view them online, but the best way to enjoy them is to save them in the offered package file, then set up a slideshow.

Girls & Videos

There are porn stars at large here, so you can expect to see familiar names in the credits or on the scenes’ page. Naturally, the girls are not actual lesbians, but a job is a job, and sometimes it’s good to eat pussy instead of getting ravaged by a nine-incher. Nevertheless, the girls are acting fine, and sometimes they even seem to have a natural love for the things they do. Performers like Alexis Texas are well-known nowadays, and though she is mostly doing straight hardcore, she isn’t bad in lesbian sex. The videos themselves seem to be come from different studios, and they are looking different from each other. Actually, the sex is quite great, and there are various scenarios and sets used. The girls go down on each other slowly, in a sexy and exciting way, and by the time they are eating each other’s clit, you are going to be rock hard down there. Usually, they introduce dildos too.

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