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On the TryAnalFisting you can find a collection of lesbian porn videos, but these are coming from the real hardcore type. We could even go so far to tell you that it’s a fetishist porn site, with really kinky porn, because the girls in these videos are getting their ass fucked… by other girls’ fist. Some gets turned on by vaginal fisting, but these dirty cunts are going for the harder task, and get their tight ass widened by their sexy partner’s fist. If you are a man who loves this kind of lesbian “love”, then you are going to love this portal. Feel free to explore this collection, but if you are not sure about the site, then let us help you with making your choice. Let us start with the actual review with some background information: Try Anal Fisting is online since 2012. It has been running for a few years, and it was quite an active portal. However, the site stopped at one point, and nowadays it’s rather about an archived collection of heavy hardcore lesbian porn. But this isn’t a reason to feel let down, because the existing collection is quite large, and the scenes are mostly in HD.

Also, the site has some extras in store for you, and if you are not fixed on lesbian ass-fisting, then you will certainly appreciate these extras. You gain access to some regular bonuses, such as live feeds from a third-party provider, where you can get some fine live shows for yourself; or there are the usual promotional discount deals for other porn sites. But, the main reason we suggest that you should give it a shot are the other extras. The first area you should explore it DVD library of the TryAnalFisting: there are more than 2,900 titles listed, and they are all yours to watch. If you consider that the DVDs offer at least two scenes, than you can imagine how long it will keep you busy. Also, there are bonus feeds from company, and third party websites, and these are granting you a very fine variety of porn to enjoy. Considering these bonuses, the TryAnalFisting is truly a promising portal.

Design & Features

You may find the home page of the TryAnalFisting to be somewhat old-fashioned, but don’t worry, you will certainly love what you can find on it. Apart from the banner, the most important things to see are the large and medium thumbnails listed throughout. These are very fine shots, and you will see that the big ones are in fact embedded player windows, you can play a few trailers, and these short clips are the major features of the tour. So, you are not here to fool around with the tour pages, so let us head in, and see what’s going on inside. The members’ area, is similar to the tour page, so those who used to do a thorough tour on the porn page they are looking at, they will find it easy to navigate. As far as the actual navigational options are concerned, you are going to like it, since it’s simple and very easy to learn. The main menu is actually the only navigation tool you get, but it’s quite enough for this collection. One a few pages you may see some advertisements, but they are not making the page look cluttered, usually only one is present. The menu can take you to the pictures’ and the videos’ section separately, and the bonuses are reachable via the main menu.

There are photos and videos on the site, and their technical attributes are really fine. The scenes could be played in the browser if you are looking for a quick-fun, but then you will have to make a compromise: only a Standard-Definition stream is available. Those who are more patient will be rewarded: the offered MP4 files are granting 720p High-Definition porn too. The buffering speed of the player is good, and the download procedures are not taking forever either. We also really loved the photo gallery of the TryAnalFisting. These are some pretty awesome porn pictures. You can find video captures, and a fine number of actual photos too. Try Anal Fisting offers you multiple quality options to choose from if you decide to download the sets.

Girls & Videos

These girls are certainly not real lesbians, but they are doing a very fine job in acting as such. Their appearance is something amazing, and those who prefer cute, tight-bodied chicks with fully natural body will find them to be real Goddesses. Every hottie here is a professional, those who are fisting just as those who get fisted. In case you like to watch hardcore lesbian love, then you will find this experience quite satisfying, but we have to say, we were really amused. These girls have good looks, but the things they do are what make us crazy for them. Every video is staged, but they don’t seem to have a storyline or anything, the sex just happens. There is usually some warming up, but they get to the anal-tempering really quickly. There isn’t any video here which doesn’t feature anal penetration, since that’s the main niche, but anal fisting is really something you should see. Don’t try it, but you can watch. A lot of lubricants and saliva are used, and when the ass of the girls is slippery enough, the “fisters” are getting to it. The slow, but intense movements, and the girls’ faces will turn you on, that’s quite certain.

This site has been closed, we suggest you try our best anal porn sites collection.

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