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PureSmothering was officially launched back in October of 2008 and its main goal was to make sure that of all the other porn fetishes, face sitting as well as smother fetishes were made available to those who love such kinds of fetishes as well as those who are curious about getting to try it out at one point in their lives. And just like that, it did go a very long way in achieving that one goal considering the fact that for close to a decade later, the site is still flocking with as many users as possible who still enjoy all of the erotic content that has been published in there ever since its official launching which is a testament that they are always giving people what they want.

You will also get the opportunity of checking out some of the most beautiful girls who are horny and will get to ride on their partners faces and grind if they have to in order to get the opportunity to enjoy themselves to the fullest which is an amazing feeling altogether. This will give you the opportunity to kick back and get to enjoy all of the girls that you happen to fancy and once you have made your selection, then, in the end, you will most definitely have the opportunity to enjoy everything else that PureSmothering has to offer at the end of the day.

Design & Features

PureSmothering always has got a live show that its members not only enjoy but also get the chance to get to know their favorite porn stars up close and personal, which is most definitely an added advantage that will almost always get them entertained. Also, there are network blogs which, just like the live shows, fill the users in on any mind boggling issue that they need to know for their own entertainment which is crazy awesome indeed.

The site is also very user-friendly and its background colors do coordinate pretty well with the foreground, making the videos be visible and at the same time, you will get the opportunity to read all of the simple descriptions on each video. You will also be in a position to enjoy all of these videos that you will be able to search with so much ease. And that said, make a point of getting to check out PureSmothering today and you will most definitely have an added advantage altogether.

Girls & Videos

PureSmothering will see to it that you get the chance to see different kinds of girls getting all sorts of pleasures to the point that they just can’t get the chance to control themselves no matter how much they tried. And that said you will almost always get to pick out a video you like from the plenty of them that they have in the site. Also apart from just face sitting and smothering, there are also other videos of other fetishes which you will gain direct and full access to in the end.

Some of these girls will also make sure that you are teased a little and as soon as you get to show any sign of horniness, they will get to hop on their partners faces and start to grind. And without exaggerating a damn thing, you will get to that point where you will have no other choice but to enjoy yourself to the fullest. In most cases, you will have the chance to check out the close up of the action going down where these girls with their fleshy, usually dripping wet pussies get to have the juice sucked out of their cunts and eventually, ending up getting some of the most amazing feelings altogether. These horny and skilled girls especially when it comes to giving their pussies pleasure are very different in terms of body size as well as the intensity of how they love to grind their pussies against faces.

And that said just make sure that you are taking your time and finding that one girl that will most definitely blow your mind away. But in the end, there is nothing such as boring action as far as the sex in here is concerned and so you can be prepared for nothing short of amazing at the end of the day. There are those who are blondes while others are brunet and their ethnicities do vary, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy the kind of fetish sex that they will bring to you any less. PureSmothering also boasts of a total of 55 scenes, which excludes all of the titillating bonus videos from the bonus sites that you ought to expect the moment that you check out the site. And in addition to that, you will have the chance to enjoy other features as well as other fetishes which include oral sex as well as hard core pussy fucking in the end.

Another thing that I really got the opportunity to enjoy to the fullest was just how easy it was for me to find all of the videos that I was looking for. And to some extent, it only took me a matter of minutes and eventually, I really got to that point where I really got to enjoy myself to the fullest since I ended up spending more time checking all of the action going down and not straining to look for videos as it was the case with other sites. And that said; make a point of checking out PureSmothering today.

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