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Hairy Twatter is all about sexy and gorgeous models with hairy pussies. The primary purpose for the existence of the site is the satisfaction of a hairy fetish while the secondary purpose is putting the hairy areas of beauty to work. It is pretty unbelievable in this time and age to find a girl with her pubes intact. Many will opt to have the hair around the pussy removed even before embarking on shaving their armpits. That is, however, not the case with the girls on Hairy Twatter who not only have ridges of hair in their areas but have their pubes trimmed for an artistic display effect. Other than that, the girls are also endowed with skill enough to blow your mind.

Design & Features

Kudos is in order for the webmaster that came up with the modern site design and layout. The site’s eye-catching color makes it stand out from the rest. It is also important to consider that the site has been around for a while and yet it still is practical and relevant like before. Accessing Hairy Twatter can best be described as a walk in the park as it is very efficient and easy. With several menus and icons all strategically located, it is easy to navigate the site. With these menus and icons, navigating the site is made simpler. Hairy Twatter is part of the larger DDF Network which is accessible with membership. However, the access is only possible with an extra addition of money which plays out as one of the downfalls of Hairy Twatter.

Girls & Videos

The last time I checked out the site, it boasted 85 girls. Of note was that all the models are based in Europe. It is not clear what the owner of the site had in mind but it still gets me seriously aroused. Some of the models that feature on the site include Kitty Saliery, Valentina Rosini, Kassey Krystal, Lia Rav, Amanda Vamp and more. However, among all these beautiful girls, the one who caught my attention was Zuzana Z. She is a native of the Czech Republic. Zuzana is tattooed and her hairy pink pussy invites you to feel horny with her all through the video. She has blue eyes and is blonde. She likes doing things solo which particularly turns me on very much. In one of her videos, Zuzana indulges herself with pleasure in three ways at the same time. She is not only drinking beer as her fellow countrymen would, she is also pleasuring herself with the same glass. The glass is a two-in-one and features a huge glass dildo sticking from one side of it. While all this while, she is having a phone conversation.

The site is impressive in its collection of both photos and videos. These can either be streamed online or downloaded depending on the user’s preference. I prefer downloading as I will always have a copy for myself in the future and also helps me build my collection. Apart from the videos, the photos are also very juicy and include about 160 photo sets with each holding around 120 photos. The quality of the photos is excellent and similar to the videos, one could either choose to download them or view them online.

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Hairy Twatter Reviews
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