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BlackGFs revolves around the black girlfriend theme. There may be many sites similar to it but this one is known for a lot of stunning fresh faces, the hottest sex action, the most enticing galleries and unique videos that you will not see on any other porn site. BlackGFs has many gorgeous beauties that may look like the girls from your dreams. There are many self-filmed videos and beauties that are caught on camera doing the nasty. It is hard to imagine that these are actual girlfriends in the act because they showcase their less innocence and portray their kinkier sides. The collection of videos on this ebony site communicates that they are willing to cross boundaries in order to appease their boyfriends. The concept around the site is all about horny girlfriends who enjoy filming themselves when having sex at home. The site generally pays boyfriends to submit sexual footage of their ex-girlfriends. Their reasons for exposing the acts that behind the scenes do not matter, the most important thing is that boyfriends will get some extra dollars and the site will have more content for its viewers. Either way, it is a win-win situation. The idea of providing relatable videos for the world to see has made this site one that is absolutely genius. The content is 100% user-submitted, amateur, hardcore porn that will lustfully rock your world. It is not the kind of stuff that you would expect to see from so many fresh faces as the videos tend to go a little overboard sometimes. However, this what makes BlackGFs priceless. Even though the content revolves around black pornography, there are a couple of skin tones that keep everything different and unique. The ebony pussies are busy indulging in all kinds of sex acts. Brought to you by the GFS Revenge site, there is a treasure trove of sexiness to discover here. Launched in March 2012, BlackGFs is the hottest ebony site on the internet. As with many other porn sites, this one also comes with a lot of membership benefits. The site offers a lot of new content to enjoy every week. The tight update schedule will ensure two new movies are added to the roster on a weekly basis. This way, you will always be entertained. BlackGFs does not allow you to settle for less. Even though the content is user submitted, the videos are of high quality. There is a lot of rawness to the action, just as you would expect from a top notch amateur porn site. The girlfriends do not bring a lot of seriousness to the videos. They are exuberant and playful, the perfect match for the video ongoing. Launched in 2011, BlackGFs has quickly made a name itself by providing explicit content that has topped many GF charts.

Design & Features

BlackGFs has a very attractive and straight-forward design and layout. The members’ area is every man’s dreams. There is a wide variety of videos that will sensually awaken you. The navigation tools are also pretty easy to use and the site boasts of a good content organization. There are many videos that will meet the average ‘girl on filthy bed’ standard or the ‘girl on bed’ scenarios which makes for the most delicious sex actions. Each video has different location settings that may begin in the living room but the action would end on a bench in a locker room. This diversity makes BlackGFs a sight with scenes to behold. The videos are cleverly tagged with catchy lines such as “I hope my mom doesn’t see this” and, “why are you recording this?” These catchy titles portray that the girlfriends are oblivious to what is going on. The way the scenes have been acted out makes for the best spontaneity. Even though there are no video download options on the site, the embedded player and streaming capability is great. We already cleared the fact that browsing through the site is quite the comfort table process. There are over 172+ scenes that each has a run time of 25 minutes each. Unfortunately, the site does not have any images.

Girls & Videos

There is plenty to tell about the girlfriends on BlackGFs. As you would expect, there are as many skin tones and body types as you would think of. There is something for every man who desires some black love. The girlfriends are natural cuties who will make you just want them. As the content is user submitted, you would not expect any familiar porn stars to feature in the videos. Even though the girlfriends pretend to be clueless, in real sense, they often put up an act to match the fact that they are being filmed. The numerous numbers of videos guarantee you of the fact that there will be very many girlfriends to thoroughly turn you on. Most of their bodies are natural but only a few of them have fake titties. However, big asses are not a sight to be missed here. The girlfriends are working the poles and even tweaking on huge black cocks. All the scenes will make you really horny. The luscious lips will make you want to suck or be sucked. Black GF does not disappoint. “If the coach sees us” is a video that can be streamed from the site and features some of the hottest-looking cheerleaders that are ready to get their kinky on. The fact that other cheerleaders are watching as the girls get down and dirty makes everything much more interesting. The video has a lot of finger fucking action and wet setting that makes the lesbian encounter quite unforgettable. There is a calmness to the girlfriends that says that these two hotties do not care about having sex in public. There is also an element of surprise that will keep you wondering what happens next. BlackGFs is all about filling the screen with the most wonderful porn action. The videos will give you exactly what you are looking for. BlackGFs is exactly what you need to turn your sex life around. A good dose of the girlfriends on this site will satisfy you in every way.

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