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According to experts an average boob size of a woman is about 32B to 36D. For sure lots of horny guys out there would love to have a girlfriend that has a big breast. But, what if you were given a chance to have sex with a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) that has an enormous, large, and gigantic boobs? Would you go for it? Of course, you do! This is what the BBWheavyTits is all about. You’ll see lots of gigantic boobs inside, masturbation and hardcore sex. When I say “gigantic”, it means jaw-dropping outsized tits. Apparently, for an average woman, a boob can be a pound apiece. But, not with these heavyweights titties. The site will feature Godzilla’s bitches from blonde, black and brunette.

Design & Features

The site offers curvy chicks with extra weight all over particularly their breast. But, that’s not only the good thing about BBWheavyTits. The site features lots and lots of boob jobs or should I say enormous boob jobs. However, the site has never been updated since 2013 but they leave us decent amount of videos that you and I can watch. As of now, there are 74 videos available on streaming and downloadable formats. The qualities of the videos are mostly average using windows media player. There are also embedded players for your online streaming. As the name it suggests, I’m expecting huge females with extra-large boobs. However, the site proved me wrong. When I check out the site, here comes three lovely ladies with enormous titties. The sizes are somewhat unbelievable and overwhelming. They can even lick their own nipples literally because of the size issue. By the way, I found myself distracted all the time because of the site’s teaser presented at their homepage. I can’t help it but to watch and be amazed how huge their titties are. If you are watching the Guinee’s book of record about the biggest watermelon, that’s what exactly you will see in that particular teaser. Now I wonder what kind of size they’re wearing. There’s a woman who most touch on the ground by her boobies. That’s fucking huge! When it comes to the site, the graphic interface is nice and the navigation is easy. There are 6 available videos at the homepage where you can watch these heavyweight bitches pounded by fresh men. As a member, you can gain full access at Chanel69Videos. You will be overwhelmed with wide varieties of porn videos that feature BBWs and MILFs.

Girls & Videos

The site offers several videos ranging from solo, softcore, hardcore up to the most sophisticated elephant-like fuck experience. Most of the videos will begin with a huge madam wearing her lingerie. Then she will try to flirt in the camera. Brace yourself what you are going to see. Keep in mind that this site is not for the faint at heart. She is going to show off her big boobs, lick her own nipples, take off her large-sized bra, jerk off and moan. There are some videos that are brighter than the others which allow you to get to see thing better. As mentioned, you are going to see some of the most sophisticated sex scenes by huge women. There are blowjobs, boob jobs, ass fuck, pussy licking and everything under the sun. I also saw some interracial fuck scenes and huge cock. In case you prefer to watch girl-to-girl videos, the site will never fail you. Kacey Parky is the type of girl that you don’t want to mess with. She has a supersized 38DD fucking tits and her nipples are as large as a pebble. She wears a pink and black lingerie as she touch and massage her huge watermelons. She will strip off her clothes and get a dildo with the vibrator and toy it at her tits. She’s having a good time until she becomes wet and craves for more pleasure. Here comes the dude with a huge meaty dick. She will suck the dude’s cock, use her large-sized tits, licking, and kissing the dude’s ball. As the action continues, the fuck scene will become more intense and nasty. There will be doggie, ass fuck and out of this world fuck scene. If you think that Kacey’s boobies are large, wait until you see Casie Blanca. She has large fucking tits that look like a huge white squash. Approximately, each weighs over 30 kilos. Her nipple’s size is as huge as a marble ball. Her cup size is an amazing 44E. She likes to show off her oversized white squash to horny guys as she flirts into the camera with her shimmering lingerie. At first, she’s kind of anxious to get into action. She will touch and massage her best and get into the action by using her boobies to the dude’s dick. I just hope that the dude’s dick will be okay. With the hunger and longing for dicks, she sucks the life out of the dude’s cock literally. There will be the doggie, sensual sex scenes, love making on the sofa, cock sucking and more. Last but not the least is Miosotis. Her boob size, an amazing 52kk. In the shower, she will show you how to clean and soap her gigantic boobs. The size of her nipples is as huge as a golf ball. The scene is absolutely filthy. In fact, she is considered as one of the largest boobs in the world. The video also includes jerking off, ass fuck and sex in the shower. If you think that you’ve seen them all, well, think again! Most of the videos are nasty and filthy. In case your girlfriend is unfortunate because of the size of her boobs, then this site could be the answer to your problem.

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