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Overview of WTF Pass

If you’re looking for fresh tasty cuties who are hot and horny, the check out WTF Pass with its eleven sites chock full of the cutest chicks – all to die for. Once you’ve seen these girls, you’ll stop wandering the web and start enjoying all the best that life has to offer. Not only are the girls gorgeous but also they’re insatiable, gagging for it. They do it everywhere, anytime, with anything – nothing stops them. The WTF Pass ladies are all Caucasian cuties, with hair from flaxen to raven and every natural color between. Their bodies are trim, their faces fresh, and their attitude outstandingly eager to please. Sample just one of the sites and you’ll find your pulse quickening. Sample them all and you’ll need to take long rests to recover. These sites and these girls are all the best there is in cute fresh chicks.

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Girls of WTF Pass

All the sites have delicate creamy complexioned beauties, available to you 24/7/365. Wtf Pass has a girl or girls for anyone who likes their girls cute. Whether they’re playing with toys, playing with themselves, or playing with a like-minded group, they’re all there waiting for you to watch them writhe and wriggle in ecstasy, from the privacy of your own place. They love to play with men, there’s not a lot of girl-on-girl sex in these sites, except when they gang up on some blissfully happy man and pleasure him and their girlfriends together. The girls like some of the more exotic sexual activities too, bdsm and spanking, for example. Not a lot, just a hint to spice up their love life and keep the boys interested – and we can see that they are interested. They may wave a hairbrush and say they’ve been bad but we know they haven’t been so very bad really. Being mere chicks, the girls are generally slender with cute titties and tushies. All standard hand-sized charms that beg to be fondled, patted and caressed.
The site’s home page has forty images that link to trailers and you can watch them all by clicking. The movies have sub-titles so you can understand what’s being said, which does add to the fun but, let’s be honest, it isn’t what you watch for. Being the age they are, the sites and scenes center around wild weekends at the beach, clothes and the getting out of them, dancing and drinking, and sex, lots of sex. All kinds of sex, every hot hungry orifice, every crevice — anywhere you can put a cock or a banana, these cuties put it. They love to suck cocks, lick cocks, rub cocks, and nibble cocks before burying them out of sight. These cuties may look innocent but they’ve been studying some very extra-curricular books and movies while graduating.
Role-play is big with these girls; they haven’t grown out of the ‘dress up’ stage yet I guess. Sometimes their student parties include themes like horror, or retro, uniform or lesbian they keep the excitement rolling. They love the sex in the open air too, beaches, fields and forests are just some of the locations they get naked and get down and dirty.

WTF Pass Network

Wtf Pass is a network of 11 porn sites just for you. With nearly 2000 high definition scenes and more than 1200 hours of video, 640+ of the cutest chicks, and multiple weekly updates, you’ll find some of the sexiest girls on the planet making you happy to be alive in the age of the Internet. Give some of these sites a quick workout and see if I’m not right. For instance, Private Sex Tapes are user-submitted for cash movies where we get to see ‘Joe and Jane Well-above-average’ doing what comes naturally at that age, Porn Weekends has the girls on vacation in exotic locales where they give blowjobs and all those other quickie sex acts to willing men, Dolls Porn is for lovers of anal, deep throating, and good old prick in vagina sex – all the things you’d get to do with a sex doll in fact, the concept behind Massage Porn is that hot cuties love to be massaged and drilled by toned studs, Public Sex Adventures is where the cuties and their men do the dirty in the great outdoors, risking public exposure if caught, and at Art Porn the girls and guys get it on in artistically arranged and shot movies, lots of slow scenes here lingering on erect nipples and sticky pussy lips. Wtf Pass isn’t one of the biggest networks, just one of the best for fresh cuties.

Security at WTF Pass

Wtf Pass is careful to use adult ladies, incredible though that may seem when you see these chicks, in its movies and they record confirmation of their ages as part of their U.S.C. 2257 Record Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
You also want the data you give them when you sign up to be kept safe, as well. WTF Pass keeps it safe and their Privacy Policy says how.

Price of Joining WTF Pass?

Wtf Pass has a one-day Trial for $1.00. It’s good value for the chance to look around these sexy sites. Realistically, though, it isn’t much time to view hours and hours of fabulous content so going with a month long membership at $34.95 or $59.95 for 90 days are better options. For the equivalent of only $7.50 a month, you can have an annual membership (which is a single payment of $90) and that’s the best deal of all – about 25 cents a day for hot cuties having sex in WMV HD movies, or super-sharp photos, on your TV, Roku, desktop, laptop, or mobile device. What could possibly be better value than that?
Click ‘Join Now’ on their site, fill out the online form and pay by credit card; it’s that easy! You can join the site in a number of different languages, like French, Spanish, German, Japanese and others. Cards they accept include Visa, Visa Bleue, Visa Electron and Visa Debit, MasterCard and MasterCard Debit, Maestro, Discover, JCB, and Delta. Go on, sign up. You know you want to!

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