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For horny people particularly guys of all ages, there is only one household name that reigned all over the world for the past 50 years. The Playboy magazine has indeed won the hearts of many porn fans. The porn publishing has been dominating featuring the hottest porn stars and celebrities on the planet. The magazine features many famous stars in the Hollywood, sports and entertainment like the WWE and WCW Divas, artists in the music industry and many adult famous starlets. But, not because we are in the digital age, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the reigning adult publishing will soon be over. In fact, that was just the beginning. The official site of Playboy offers numerous celebrity nudes, the legendary centerfolds, and the whole series of exclusive videos and photos.

Design & Features

The Playboy site is your one stop shop for your ultimate pleasure. In here, you are not just going to see naked celebrities in photos or porn stars getting naked and fucked by the dudes. Once you go inside, you have several options of activities to choose from. You can shop the latest magazine issue at the online shop, the site also features entertainment that allows you to read news feeds and plenty other things. There are also gaming, nightlife events like the catwalks, styles, girls, sex and culture, the Playboy plus eMagazine, photos, and DVDs. There are lists of articles and news featuring events and happenings. There are plenty of articles that you might be interested in or how about accessing the Playboy Plus or the Playboy magazine. Once again, Playboy proves that they rule over the publishing and in the web. As of now, the site offers 4,250 videos which are available in many video formats. Watch them on streaming or download using MPEG, Windows Media, iPod, QuickTime, Flash, and DRM. There are sufficient videos in different niches that will complete your lustful longings at night. If you want me to be more objective, then the drawback would be the navigation. I have to admit that the homepage looks so great. Yet, I had the feeling that this is not the conventional porn sites I used to evaluate. Since it is the pioneer of adult content, it is forgivable that Playboy includes several advertisements at the homepage. You might find yourself overwhelmed because of so plenty of activities that the site features. But, if you want to see the videos and the galleries, all you have to do is to click on the Playboy Plus. The archive includes many collections of adult content such as the fabulous Playboy playmates, cyber girls, amateurs and the Co-ed girls. There are lots of actions that will certainly keep your evening pleasure satisfied. There are behind the scene photo shots, lesbian actions, one on one, solos and seducing. As for the photos, Playboy has an overwhelming 5328 galleries that include 35-50 photos each. See lots of beautiful celebrities getting naked. You don’t need to stare at those fake nude celebrities generated by your favorite search engine. In here, see them as they show off their titties, asses, and pussies authentically. See Drew Barrymore in her sizzling body shots, Kim Kardashian bends over showing off her charming ass (damn it she so hot and sexy), or how about Lindsay Lohan with her daring poses? These images can be downloaded and accessible once you become an official member. There is so much content that goes pretty damn far back.

Girls & Videos

The quality tends to vary depending on the set. Expect you will see some not so good qualities, particularly the archives. But, when it comes to the latest videos and scenes, you can certainly enjoy the playback qualities, lightings and visual effects. You can stop reading now if you are looking forward seeing hardcore actions. The closest action you will get is the lesbian scenes and most of the videos are seductive and solo work. The duration of each video is only 3 up to 5 minutes each. I can say that the duration is justified when seeing those seductive scenes featuring the hottest celebrities and playmates. I never knew that could see Lindsay Lohan’s perfect body. She is one of my ultimate fantasies ever since Walt Disney introduced her talent to the world. See her as she show off her smooth ass, yummy skin, boobies, and nipples. You won’t see her pussy (sorry) but I think her sweetened groin is enough to make your night so lavishing. The Playboy indeed made my fantasy into reality. The Playboy indeed shows to the whole world how to catch a falling star. If you grew up in the 90’s who can forget the busty chick from the hit series Baywatch? See Pamela Anderson with her 1989, 1997, and 1999 issues. This blonde bombshell has been posing for Playboy and epitomizes her relationship with the brand. There are lots of familiar faces in the Hollywood that you might want to check out like Winter Zoli, Olivia Munn, the ever beautiful Sharon Stone, WWE Diva Trish Stratus and my all-time MILF Dennis Richards. Nothing beats the original and I strongly believe such a big brand in the adult industry is also dominating in the online business. Just imagine your celebrities in the Hollywood business join together in the same roof to provide you the pleasure you need at night. For an affordable fee, you can see their gentle parts of their bodies as they tease and seduce you. I’m pretty sure that the 3 minutes duration is enough to unload the warm juices of yours. So who can beat the adult’s ultimate rabbit brand? I guess no one can.

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