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Welcome, one and all, to all the readers out there. Today you are about to see the porn site that’s going to liberate the very heart and soul of porn. You’ll understand soon enough what I meant about that. You see, not many porn these days embrace the liberty of simply recording pure raw uncensored, and unbounded sex. Sex without fear of malice and discrimination. That’s why I’m bringing you Twistedvisual. This website is all about welcoming all kinds of sexual tastes and preferences. Where hardcore is not simply seen but also felt and embraced by the psyche of your mind!

Get ready to be fulfilled deep within with all the videos and photos Twistedvisual has to offer! They are all made from raw sex from these amazing models without mostly without even telling them what to do! That’s another thing I like about this site. Most of the models even started becoming really acquainted with each other because of the length of freedom given to them during their fucking sessions. It’s all them my friends. Today we’ll be talking about the website’s interface, features, popular categories and models as well as the video statistics. All of these will be presented to you so you get to see for yourself if this site is worth the dough or not. So why don’t we get this party started!

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Design & Features

Now before we dive to anything else, of course there’s the homepage. Homepage greets the audience with an innocent girl being drilled by two dicks in her sweet mouth. Yup no censors there my friend. Instant hardcore right from the start. Basically the website’s homepage is like the update page of the entire website. So all the new stuff coming from all categories will be seen from the home screen. The entire website is also covered with red and black theme. The colors blend really well. Very well designed right there. The three most popular categories are also featured in the homepage. These are ‘Pegging Cat’, ‘Twisted Girl on Girl’ and ‘Tgirl Invasion’. These sound really hot don’t you think?

Now let’s head over and visit the Model’s Page. I like how the models page was designed. The Model’s Profile picture has been enlarged into this really big picture for each and every one of them. Now if you try and hover your mouse over their picture, they enlarge even more. Just fantastic I tell you. You can really appreciate all the curves and skin of these girls. But not only girls, you see the most popular models on this website are namely, Dana Vespoli, Wolf Hudson, and the ever popular James Deen. It’s really a surprise to see James Deen visiting Twistedvisual considering the fact that he already has his own website. But the fact that he’s here would only mean he’s in for some free and erotic sex with these amazing hot girls. Also don’t forget the Brows All Content Page. This page has got every single video and photo you’ll be wanting to see.

The categories range from Anal, Double Penetration, Girl/Girl, Group to Interracial. All these amazing stuff filled with raw sex just waiting to be watched. They can also be sorted so you can arrange them however you like. Also the fans’ favorite models are these two hot sexy women. Addriana Chechik and Addriana Nicole. I’ve tried watching their videos and boy have you got a treat from them. They are rumored to be one of the most wildest and uncontrollable models on set. There were many times where the video could last for hours and hours so you’d really notice a lot of editing to make the video fit the 2-hour limit. Really awesome girls to be in bed with, these two. Now, before I forget. You should also keep in mind their contact page. If you ever encounter any problems or some suggestions for the site’s improvements. You can go right ahead and contact them in the Contact page.

Girls & Videos

The Models of TwistedVisual go way beyond sex fellas. Yes, you’ll be seeing a little taste of foreplays in it. Maybe some girl to girl actions as well. But what you’d really notice on their scenes is how free and uncontrollable they become. These amazing creatures with perfect bodies and sexy personalities become very wild and hardcore right before your very eyes. It’s like they don’t even realize that there’s a camera that’s filming them anymore. You’ll even see some gay to gay action with some lesbians joining along the fun! This site has models that are open for anything. The video quality doesn’t dissipate as well. Its full HD all the way for this one. the videos’ minimum duration goes somewhere from 20-40 minutes. The video count number to the thousands. So Video count and quality should not be a thing to worry about here.

In all my life watching porns, this site has really liberated a lot of my speculations. Now let’s get down to business and give this site the rating it deserves. The Website’s design and features may be a little dark but the mishmash of red and black is really nice and well designed. I love how they designed the homepage’s features. Placing all the updates and new stuff on the homepage makes it more convenient for the members. As for the navigation, despite all the wildness, this site’s navigation is actually quite simple and comprehensive. So if you’re not that good on surfing the net, this site will be quite friendly for all types of users. The content of this site is hands-down one of the best the world of porn has to offer. Seeing the model’s lust and expressions while being drilled hard on the bed is very satisfying and unyielding. I’d give this one a perfect 10/10.

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