TeenPinkVideos Review and Discount

Summary of TeenPinkVideos

TeenPinkVideos has a warning page requiring you to confirm you’re old enough to see porn in your location before allowing you onto their Home Page. Once past the warning page their Home page has nearly 70 images and Gifs of sexy fresh chicks in compromising, sexually suggestive positions and also them actually having sex with one or two men or a pretty girlfriend.

However, as this is an adult site, they require registration with proof you are an adult before you can enter the site. Once in there, they have hundreds of exclusive videos for your enjoyment and they’ve been in business since 2003, so you know it won’t disappear the moment you sign up. For lovers of gorgeous, girls unblemished by age or tattoos and piercings, this is a site you really need to check into. It has bodacious hot chicks doing things you’d expect only experienced women would want to, or know how to, do.

Freshest of Chicks

The premise of the TeenPinkVideos site is that they’ve convinced the prettiest, most chicks to take off their clothes and appear for the first time in porn. I think they deliver on that, certainly it would be hard to find more fresh-faced, fresh-bodied cuties anywhere on the web. Sexy games on show include lots of anal sex, so if that’s your thing this site has plenty to please you, those who like submissive hotties offering up their behinds for oodles of doggy-style sex with their lovers will also find booties galore to drool over, and of course, everyman’s favorite, blowjobs and with those go facials on the girls who are saving their virginity. The site also features sex in interesting positions, particularly with grown men standing, bouncing their cutie on their prick while she holds him around his neck or he’s holding her at the waist, feet off the ground thrusting inside her from behind as she braces her arms against a wall, and then there are toys of all shapes and sizes probing and stretching pink pussies and rosebud ass holes.

TeenPinkVideos includes inter-racial sex, hotties having sex with more than one man, lesbian sex, and lots of caressing, teasing, and tugging on tits and pussies and patting of butts. As I alluded to earlier, there’s also sex between men and chicks who are mismatched sizes, which is an important part of the attraction because he can lift and manhandle her into positions she can’t escape from. This might be the girls’ first time but they’re hot enough to want to get it on inside, on dining tables, pool tables, in the gym, in the locker room, in the bedroom, in the living room, or outside in the forest or on the grass.

And how they get it on, they can’t get enough. All three of their hungry holes get a good workout in almost every video. And they like things big, big men, big pricks and big toys. With such delicate fresh ‘melt in the mouth’ bodies you’d expect them to break but they don’t, they take it all in and come back for more. The girls do get their efforts rewarded too. It isn’t just their lovers and us, the viewers, enjoying ourselves. The girls get their pussies and bum holes licked, their nipples sucked, their tits and bums manhandled and groped sufficient to get them wetter than they may ever be again. It’s no wonder they seem insatiable.


TeenPinkVideos is a member of the Twisty’s network of affiliate sites all bringing you cute fresh chicks. Other Twisty’s sites include Twisty’s itself, Eurofoxes, and Naughty Staff. The Twisty’s affiliate network also includes niche sites, such a Hot Mom Next Door and Ebony Next Door.

TeenPinkVideos’s Site Security

TeenPinkVideos shares Twisty’s network of affiliates’ standard Terms and Conditions. They take their responsibilities toward maintain the sites as adults-only very seriously. There is strict security at signing up and passwords for login and viewing to ensure only the member has access and every member is an adult as defined by the laws of the member’s country. The chicks on TeenPinkVideos, though it’s hard to believe when you see some of them, and there records on file to prove it. Also, affiliate sites on the Twisty’s network share a common Privacy Policy, which describes what data they take from you and why they take it, how they keep that data safe and importantly, how they don’t sell the data to others so you won’t end up being spammed by a lot of sites you don’t want to see in your e-mail inbox.

What Does TeenPinkVideos Cost?

It isn’t just the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy that TeenPinkVideos shares with the other Twisty’s sites. It’s also the attention to the members’ desires, the quality of production sets and photography and beauty of the chicks they work with. Membership at TeenPinkVideos starts at $27.95 for one-month. The other available membership option is an annual membership for $95.40, which works out at only $7.95 so it’s a really great deal. How many cute chicks do you know will take their clothes off for you for less than $8?

Well, you can have hundreds of them do just that in HD video and hi-res photos for the price of two cups of good coffee and all in your own place where you have them to yourself. The site also has a limited two-day Trial period for just $1, which will let you see enough to want to buy more. Registration is by MasterCard or VISA and it’s secure and discreet. It’s also open all day, every day so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you’’ll get straight in when you decide to join. As well, your monthly card statement won’t embarrass you because they use billing companies with names that don’t scream PORN. I recommend TeenPinkVideos if fresh chicks, blowjobs and sex are what get your motor running! The site closed, check Girl’s Way to watch all the old videos.

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