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TheStripperExperience covers a popular daydream that many of the regular strip-club visitors had: fucking their favorite strippers. The whole reason for porn being so popular is that it covers phantasmagorias of men, and the girls in them are always hot, and really eager. In case you enjoy watching hardcore sex and hot models, you are at a really good place. If you open the page, you can see that it’s a Spizoo site. This studio/company/site claims that it provides the world with classy adult entertainment, which means that the videos are not just juicy, but they are organized carefully to be glamorous and also to be fun to watch. The Spizoo and the TheStripperExperience isn’t old things, but they endeavor to fulfill the promises they make.

This site is about a year old, though there is already a pretty good collection. The update schedule is a weekly one, though there were some gaps in the past, so there are nearly 50 scenes here. These videos are nicely done, and they are really entertaining. In case you want more, you might find it a nice thing that the site grants you access to the other site of the Spizoo network. There are 12 sites included in the membership, so you can enjoy a lot of porn and you will be kept entertained and interested a lot. On this site, you can enjoy only exclusive porn videos, and there is hardly any chance of finding them on other porn sites. This is true for all videos of the Spizoo: they were made with the sole purpose of adding them to their appropriate site.

Design & Features

The design of the TheStripperExperience is pretty good. There are sharp medium-sized thumbnails, a main menu and some hot girls shown throughout the page. You can watch five trailers, so before you join, you can get the necessary insight on the videos of the site, and make well-considered decision. Fortunately, if you get used to the layout of the tour page, you can also use the inner section as it was familiar, since it’s consistent with the outer page. The main menu is on the top. From there you can browse the site’s content, and the bonuses: discounts, live cams and third-party video feeds. A dropdown is also there to help you pick a site from the network. There is an advanced search engine to make browsing easier.

As most professional and honorable porn sites, the TheStripperExperience also grants you access to the large selection of porn videos, which you can save or watch online. Both options are quite good: the Flash-stream is in HD, while the downloadable MP4 files grant you even 1080p resolution. the Flash-stream is in HD, while the downloadable MP4 files grant you even 1080p resolution. Also a DVD-quality WMV option is offered. There are photo sets with all videos, and zip files are also available. The site has a very handsome mobile user-interface, so if you can’t use your computer only your phone, you still won’t be without porn.

Girls & Videos

Well, it’s all about a very popular male-fantasy and that being said, you might have already guessed what we’re going to state: the girls are not strippers, but gorgeous porn stars, who seem to know a thing or two about dancing and stripping. As a professional porn site should, the TheStripperExperience features some pretty nasty pieces of women. For example, there is one busty Jessica Jaymes, who represents the majority of the models pretty well: she has big fake breast, an amazingly tight body, and though she is over her twenties she still is cunt any one of us would fuck all day long. The other end of the models are the fresh, mostly natural girls, who might be short, but they are amazingly agile and they seem to be eager to please. Fortunately there is a balance, so it doesn’t matter what type you prefer, you will certainly find her here.

However, some of these fresher meats have enhanced looks: large fake breasts, upgraded lips. Those who like body-art will enjoy the show of the tattooed girls, which are not just looking wild, but they ride those cocks like hell. Anyway the high level of professionalism the girls add to the videos make the videos worthwhile, and in case you like the mainstream porn, but you are tired of those models, the TheStripperExperience has something different in store. Every video you can see on the site is staged and scripted… and they are not taken in actual strip clubs. Nevertheless, the collection is great, the girls are gorgeous, and the things they do well worth watching. In the first few minutes you can see as they do some dancing around the pole and show something hot to the client. Though the videos feature stripping, the site is still a hardcore porn portal, so the main attraction is the sex that starts after a few minutes.

Now, this is where it all gets dirty, because the girls seem to be always very eager to get face fucked, and in many cases they get not just their face and pussy fucked, but also their ass is drilled. You might think that videos covering the same fantasy are boring and all the same, but after you watch a few of them, you will see that not just the girls are different in them. There are various positions, but for example the camera-work or the intensity of the sex also differ from scene to scene. With the stripper-gimmick and the hot models, the videos are arousing and fun; also the sex is quite heavy and sometimes plain dirty. With the full network access to the Spizoo’s sites, you can enjoy classier and sometimes glamorous porn from solo to group sex. There is a dozen of porn sites for you that you get for the price of a few DVDS.

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