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The RealGirlsGoneBad offers the visitors a large selection of softcore videos with wet, nude bodies, and so many (les)bi-curious acts that it will blow your mind away. The RealGirlsGoneBad is the best choice you could make if you are a guy (or a gal) who is looking for natural beauty and real girls, who are going totally crazy. When you embark on your trip on this site, and you take the tour, you will notice that most of the times the things that take place in the videos are hot and softcore and this site may prove to be the best choice for those, who are looking for nudity mixed fun times. This site promises you exclusive videos from real parties with gorgeous girls featuring wet t-shirt contests, bar crawls and a few others thing. The exclusivity of the videos is something that can’t be debated, since not just footages, but possibly the parties were all-exclusive too. It seems that most of these chicks are British, so if you are one of those guys who believe that the British chicks are somewhat frigid, you will be very surprised to see that they are not just hot by the looks of them, but they are also eager to do nasty things. When you arrive at the site, you may see at the first moment, that it may not be hardcore, but the videos here will be fun to watch. Sometimes a man just gets tired of the heavy, overplayed sex of the large studios’ videos, and of the bad performance of the amateurs on those sites that feature home-made porn. In these times, a man only needs to visit sites like this one, where he can enjoy the beauty of the women without seeing them penetrated while they try to pretend like it’s so “Oh, my God, fuck, fuck, Yeah”-good. The RealGirlsGoneBad has a short history, since it’s only three years old. It’s online since 2012, and thanks to the regular updates it has a nice collection, and it grows accordingly. At the time of this review, the update schedule is still a weekly one, and the guys behind it all are keeping their promises, so there is always at least one video and photo set added each week. Though the site didn’t win any awards yet, it’s on a good track to gain recognition on the softer side of the industry.

Design & Features

Here you can enjoy the videos only in an embedded player, but don’t worry, they are all available in their highest qualities. The Flash-video stream is stable, and it’s pretty fast, so that won’t pose you any troubles, and you can enjoy the scenes in 720p or 1080p without much buffering or lagging. The overall playback quality is excellent, and if you have a computer that is up to date, you will see that the videos play smoothly. Before you start playing a scene, make sure to have everything (browser, Flash-player) up to date, so you won’t experience any troubles; and if you take a technical advice: make sure that there is nothing eating up your internet connection. Another feature of the RealGirlsGoneBad is the photo collection. There are no zip downloads available, but the online browsing is just as good, because the guys running the site took care of it. You have two major options: browse the pictures from a gallery, one by one in a paged form; or you could enlarge the whole thing to full screen and watch them all in the automatic slideshow. The site doesn’t seem to have an actual mobile page, but if you open it on a tablet or a smart phone, it looks fine, and the videos are all enjoyable, with the right player, you can watch them full-screen. There is one very interesting attribute of the RealGirlsGoneBad, and that’s the honesty of the site. It’s quite certain that you never met with a porn site that offered you free registering, and a full tour inside the members’ zone. Well, this one does. You can register here without adding any credit card information, there is no validation fee or whatsoever, you join the site and you can start using it. The navigation is simple, you just need to login. Though you won’t get access to the full movies and the whole galleries, you can still enjoy trailers for every video, and there some hot pictures too.

Girls & Videos

Everybody loves fresh girls, and they like them especially if these girls get naked. What could heighten the excitement of nudity? Well, it’s certainly satisfying when there is more than one chick and the best is when they turn on each other: caressing, kissing and licking. These are the things you can expect from this site, and though the girls are all amateurs, they look very good and they do nasty-nasty things for fun. They do it for your excitement, for their excitement, and for the audience’s (the other partying people) excitement. In the movies of the RealGirlsGoneBad there isn’t any penetration, vaginal or otherwise, and the heaviest thing you may find here is the blowjobs the girls give, and the pussy licking they do with each other. You can enjoy two main series here: the Bar Crawls, which are party videos where the girls are simply enjoying the party while they do outrageous things; and there are the Wet T-shirt Contest videos, which has everything described in the name, though these scenes also feature some lesbian interaction. The website closed, check more porn party websites.

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Real Girls Gone Bad Reviews
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