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It’s never only work and play when the lesbians of My Lesbo GF come together. It’s all about the most distinct sexual chemistry. A couple of hot fresh girls come together to make for the best porn shows that have ever been seen. There are numerous pussy licking acts and an incredible amount of masturbation. The most interesting part? All the sexual activity is recorded by the lucky girlfriend or boyfriend. Of course, many people in relationships dream of seeing their partners hot in sexual action with another boy or girl. I know I do well, look no further. The site is one of the best amateur ones. It comprises of a variety of homemade pre-recorded videos and photos of a group of girls having sex with their counterparts. It has a full display of the best girl to girl pussy rubbing, breast licking and pussy eating activities. My Lesbo GF not only boasts of great quality entertainment but of the site in general. The only ad you meet is that of the introductory page which gives you a sexy preview of what is to come. Otherwise, there is no moment of interruption when it comes to girl on girl action. Doesn’t sound convincing enough? Well, there is a good sized collection of porn movies and images (812 galleries and 185 videos). This way, you can choose how to type into your hornier side. It doesn’t matter if you just want to start by easing into the videos; you will be an expert in no time. You may not find it as an extremely fancy site but it is pretty solid when it comes to pornography. Also, photos are easily downloadable by a zip file and the streaming action does not disappoint. Members will get access to 15 bonus pornsites that will surely keep you coming back. The frequent video update in the site is the main advantages. The content is always ‘fresh’. There are often 6-7 new episodes that are updated in a span of a week. Forget dormancy, My Lesbo GF is one that will always keep everything exacting and undoubtedly seductive. There is a little bit of everything for you to binge on; fucking in the outdoors, nude beach fun and steamy, erotic cock to pussy action.

Design & Features

The site layout is very appealing as everything is laid out in the right place. There are short descriptions of various parts of the site such as the number of user submitted videos. The splash page is all about slutty butts, dripping wet pussies and big, firm breasts. The cleavage photos are the kind to die for. Browsing through the movies is a really easy process because the ‘click here’ tab below every video is a dead give-away. My Lesbo GF does not sugarcoat anything. Instead, it proudly boasts of its high niche sexual collection. The site is reliable as far as internet access is concerned. There’s never a time when it is un-accessible unavailable. Either way, you will be directly exposed to what you consider thrilling and exciting sex. Logging in is as easy as could be because no password is required to access the content. Each video in My Lesbo Girlfriend has its own link. This is especially convenient for those users who find it hard to maneuver through a large collection of porn movies. The process is hardly confusing as everything is well-spelled out. The tabs are flawless and the user interface generally effortless to use. There is a mixture of both black and white lesbians who spire up the videos and make them hard to resist. As soon as you click the links, you will find the most creative titles that will entice you to click on the movies. They have been designed with a playback quality that ensures that you can easily have a look at some of your favorite video scenes. The cum-dripping mouths will show you that this site does not scale back. The homepage is simply enjoyable as soon as you land on it. It allows you to start salivating on the content even before you fully log into the site. You can also click through the four which will take you to various places of the site such as the member’s area. The ease of use and navigation is incredible. All the videos are of DVD resolution. Even though they are not HD, everything on the site is crystal clear.

Girls & Videos

Models often make or break a video. There ones on the site are really amazing and do not leave anything to chance. My Lesbo GF has models of a variety of kinds. Some of them have slim bodies while others are generally full-figured. The big, double C boobs and jiggly booties will make you want more. On the other hand, perky boobs are an object of desire that will leave a memorable mark on your horny side, figuratively speaking. They are just waiting to be squeezed and to be taught the erotic lessons of their lives. The models in the videos are not really familiar favorites in the porn industry because the site relies on 100% real submitted user content. It could be video of your best friend or even that of her and her boyfriend tapping onto their kinky side. The element of surprise that comes about when you watch the videos will put you at the edge of your seat. The girls’ faces are also rightly toned and they undeniably go together with their luscious bodies. There’s no other way to say it-perfect is the word. There is nothing like good naked glory. The gigantic archive starts with a big cock to pussy action movie. Everything is so intense and exciting, so much so that the model’s perky breasts surrender to the pleasure. The moans and groans made me want to take my panties off. There are so many places where good sex takes place but ever since watching the videos, the carpet specifically does it for me. The dripping pussy came again…and again… and again… There are oral sex, finger-fucking and other kinky pleasures such as asshole fucking. You will surely derive a lot of pleasure from the masturbation scenes. Speaking of pleasure, there are numerous scenes where husbands are watching their wives eat other pussies. Everything begins with a hard cock or a wet pussy. Due to the diversity of the videos, sex scenes are shot in very many places. This average-sized lesbian site comprises of the best of everything. It is worth subscribing to because the size of the collection is worth reckoning with. Signing up will give you full access to the most amazing porn movies. However, with it, it’s important to keep limitations in mind.

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