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Megan Sweets is, of course, the personal website of Megan Sweets, the pornstar. After working enough years in the porn industry, Megan has decided to come up with her own website featuring herself in different avatars.

Design & Features

As soon as you enter the website you are directed to a landing page wherein if you are under the age of 21 and whatever is on the website is not in compliance with the community standards of your region and that you will only intend to view it privately and not expose yourself to the inappropriate audience, you may enter website, otherwise if you enter exit then you are redirected to Google where you can continue browsing without being exposed to adult content. Megan Sweets is nicely designed as it has a lot of attractive cutouts of Megan posing in provocative outfits a lot of times with a phallic object. The background features a red colour with the Megan Sweets logo patched on every 5 cm per square inch and its looks poppy and pretty. There is a black overlay over which the pictures, videos, and text line.

You see a lot of Megan in the website, primarily because it is hers, and she is definitely a sight for sore eyes with boobs as massive as 34H. The text can be seen from afar although there is difficulty viewing the website in low light. Above the Megan Sweets logo in red and black colour is a text that reads I’m your big boobed girl next door, and below that are a slew of videos accompanied by text and other similar pictures from the videos. There is the latest news update tab where you can see the latest installations onto the website and there is a content ticker where you can get to know a number of videos, pictures, and galleries as well.

Girls & Videos

The girls on the website are not much, just one to be precise, but Megan is such a gem and a talented actress that does the job well in raising your dick and keeping you interested in your need for porn. Megan Sweets promise you a lot of things like Hard Dildo fucking action, full nudity, massive big all natural boobs, thousands of pictures and DVD quality videos. The website delivers no doubt, Megan’s boobs will have you drooling and her videos being so well themed and put together you will love how one person can pull off such a variety of videos. There are many episodes that you can see on the first page of the website where Megan is adorned in different costumes like an anime girl, a huntress that seduces you to have sex with her, a pigtailed girl licking a twirly lollipop, twosome lesbian action and a lot more that you can see in the 56 videos on offer.

Megan sweets offer 56 videos as mentioned and they can be downloaded onto your system with ease, the downloading speeds are fast which indicates the servers are well maintained, they can be downloaded in Mp4 in 5000k in 1440×1080 resolution and viewed in flash in 640×480 resolution. There are also pictures you can download into your computer via Zip Files. There are 78 galleries with an average of 130 pictures in each gallery. On the mobile, Megan sweets is very good, it is mobile optimised which means you won’t have to swipe left or right to view the content and the layout is well packaged to deliver the goods, form follows function here and the videos are easily bufferable with a 2-3 second timing so it plays very smooth. All the content on the site is exclusive so you can enjoy that part of feeling like you are in a special club. Being a part of the website grants you access to a host of other websites.

This website has been closed, you can find similar content Videobox.

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