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Hello to my precious readers! Today we’re about to review a porn website that’s unlike any other. I guess it’s time to say goodbye to those average porn that you’ve come to know and love because a comfortable bed has no place in this one I tell you. Today we’re entering in a harsher domain of pure BDSM and Dom Sub relationships. Yes, my friends, it’s fifty shades all over again. Wait, this is a whole lot better. That movie had a pretty low rating anyway.

Now, if you’re expecting to see some softcore sex with passion and those stuff, then you’re in for a surprise, you see, Limitedaudience is about to give you something entirely different! In this area of porn, you’re gonna be seeing a lot of things you saw from the movie and a whole lot more. You’ll see real torment, real tears and real anguish. It’s gonna be all about making these beautiful women bound and powerless and fucked till their very dignity is squeezed out of them. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Pure mortification my friend. Now as we enter this site, let me give you a few words of wisdom. So if you’re ready. Read on my friend!

Design & Features

Welcome to the website of Limitedaudience. Now first thing’s first. The Homepage. Well, I don’t know about you, but this homepage is stating off strong guys. You’ll be witnessing a slide flash animation of the sites best-featured videos for each week! This slide show will be previewing thumbnails of these awesome videos. As for the design, the site has this dark color theme, the background is decorated with roses patterned logos. Now first tab you might notice is the Latest tab, in this tab you’ll find all the latest news, photos and videos. You might be asking, News? Well, this site has a habit of highlighting the new stuff like, new models, or new locations, or new features and stuff, so they give their members news to make sure they’re up to date.

Next one is the Models tab. In this page you’re gonna find these awesome ladies in black and white. Not really black and white, I’m talking about their profile picture. At first you’ll see these amazing ladies in black and white picture and then when you click them with your mouse, they’ll become colored. All the models are arranged alphabetically for your convenience. You can even see their videos and photos in their profile so you won’t have to look for it in the videos section. Then we have the Help page. It does exactly what it’s named for. It’s designed to answer the most commonly asked questions, it answers all technical concerns and you can even contact them through this page. I like this page because you can’t find that many porn with this kind of feature anymore.

Lastly, we have the Blog page. I know, it’s crazy. To be honest, they’re the only porn site that I’ve seen to even have a blog page. It contains reviews, blogs, articles and some highlights about itself. So if you’re looking for some critics, then it’s the Blog page you should head over first. Really nice addition if I say so myself. Now you might be wondering, “well I’m a smartphone kinda guy”. That’s not a problem dude. In this site, they have totally made it compatible to all devices. It has an optimized version for mobile and for tablets so there you have it.

Girls & Videos

As for the girls in this site. I’ll have to tell you. THEY ARE THE HIT. I’ve never seen girls that can endure this much, given the fact that they are unbelievably beautiful and sexy. I mean, why not take a decent porn job? But no, they HAVE to choose this one. I don’t know if they have any regrets or not but they sure are having a hard time with their Doms. A REALLY HARD TIME. Imagine pointy stuff with electricity going all over them, WHILE BEING FUCKED FAST AS HELL! I’m telling you. This is the end of the road for their softcore porn lives. These girls would even come in different colors I tell you. They’ve got redheads, blonds, brunettes, Asians, Russians, Hungarians, Brits, hell they even have some MAYANS. They’re even made to wear latex, satins, periods, dresses, high heels, and some other crazy outfits. It’s just crazy in here.

But if I had to name some of my favorite girls, I’d had to say these are Ivory, Kelly, Lazuli, Sammie B, Victoria May, Sapphire and Nattsuko. Why you ask? Because these are mostly Asians, and I have a soft spot for Asians. So seeing them being tormented like this is… I don’t know how to say it… Anyway, judging by the user’s reviews, the favorite videos that were taken from this site were WHY ME?, STRICTLY TIED, TORMENTED, BACK TO BACK, HELD PRISONER, and RUBBER NUN. That rubber nun title really had me intrigued. I’m totally going to check it out later. Oh, by the way, ALL their videos are HD. Every single one of them is in 720p. So you won’t have to worry about quality. The content count is 36,087 Photos, and 644 Videos. That’s a decent amount if you ask me, and it’s still counting because of the daily updates so no need to worry about it there.

I’ve looked at this site high and low and I have to admit. Limited audience is gunning for the top spot in our porn industry. I see great actors and quality content in their site like no other. I also love the design they’d put up for the site and the customer care is just splendid. I have no other words to describe how complete this site is. No loopholes whatsoever.

This website is no longer updated, have a look at Kink!

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