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Catalina Cruz is an expert in pussy licking and she’s determined to teach every girl out there how to become the best at it. Follow her tuition as she trains them until they obtain their license to lick. This is a full girl-on-girl site that offers you the complete view of how a class with Catalina would be like and what her avid trainees can do with their playful tongues.

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Design & Features

LicensedToLick feels like a site from another time, an older version of the internet would have loved this. The bright magenta background would be too over the top if it wasn’t for the fact that the site is designed in only one column that only occupies the center of your screen, leaving a big white space on the sides. As for navigation, it’s very simple to use. You have your average buttons on the bar after the big banner with pictures, with both the Subscribe and Members Access buttons. There’s also an option for a “free video”. It allows you to download (you don’t have the option to watch it online) a one-minute trailer so you can have a taste of what they have to offer.

Without entering the site there’s so much you can see, and while it offers a picture gallery and live webcams, I couldn’t find the buttons to access those pages anywhere, which makes me think the sites changes a bit once you enter as a member. There’s no such thing as a mobile version of the site, but since it’s fairly plain and doesn’t have much on the main screen, you can open it in your browser and it will still work at an average speed. If your mobile connection is not the best, however, the images on the banners might take a longer time downloading.

Girls & Videos

The concept behind LicensedToLick is very straightforward: Catalina Cruz teaches other women how to give pleasure to girls with their mouth and once they learn, they can get their own license. The fun part for us is watching as they experiment and follow the teacher’s lessons and desires. As you can imagine, each of the videos contains only lesbian scenes, most of which involve, of course, oral sex. While that’s the core of the movies, you can also get a huge amount of masturbation. All of the videos, as far as I could see, include only two women, both of them professional actresses.

The quality of the videos, if we can guide ourselves by the presentation trailer, is not the best in terms of color or scenery, but the stills that show up on the main page tell a different story so I’m guessing the quality varies depending on when the movie was made. The average length of the videos is about 20 minutes, and the site has around 40 videos to choose from, both in WMV format (for the older clips) and flash (for the new ones). Like I mentioned before, the videos are not in HD quality, not even the new ones, but they have a good 800×600 streaming quality.

Just like the videos, the photo gallery also has completely exclusive material. You can browse through over 30 galleries with more than 80 images each, all ready to download into .zip files. However, there is no information on the terms and conditions about whether there is a limit for downloads or not.

The site benefits from having a clear and particular concept. All the videos and photographs seem to be oriented towards fulfilling that goal and are perfect for someone who is looking for a particular kind of scene. However, an update is really needed, both on the site itself and in the quality of the videos. Everything feels just a little bit old and nowadays, with all the good sites with great HD quality videos out there, it seems like LicensedToLick is falling a bit behind. If you like the concept, though, you should give it a try. The big archive of photographs and the perks that come with the membership are probably the stronger points, and having professional actresses in the movies is also another good reason to join the site.

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Licensed To Lick Reviews
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