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The GirlfriendsXXX is a neat lesbian porn website, which grants the members glamorous, yet hardcore girl on girl (and girls on girls) videos. As a member, you can enjoy Full-HD videos in the browser or download them to your hard drive. Each scene is exclusive, and if you like the approach of the site, you should check the bonuses you get: the membership makes you eligible to browse all erotic porn sites of the SexyHub network. These sites will give you more lesbian sex, massage room porn and also plain erotic straight hardcore sex.

Great paid adult site if you like lesbian porn videos.

Design & Features

If you thought that a tour page can’t turn you on, then you are terribly mistaken. The cute design of the site is a refreshing experience after the always-pink lesbian sites. The light blue color teases the eyes, and the nice layout helps to navigate through the tour. But that’s not what will make you horny. It’s the hot trailer and the sharp, large thumbnails of these gorgeous European cuties that ought to make your pant-snake going wild.
The tour on the GirlfriendsXXX is satisfying and provides the necessary sexiness and cuteness to make you desire to join. There are several videos listed on the page, and you can watch a trailer for them. These flicks are only a minute long, but it’s always a very hot minute.
After you rested your eyes and aroused your libido with the trailers, you have to decide what to do next. Let’s assume that you join, so come and take a look at the inner page, thus you won’t be surprised.
When you enter your credentials, you will arrive to the gates of the sensual-porn Heaven. The page you will see is the main hub of the SexyHub network, and from this holy place you can reach all sites which are included in your membership. A basic search engine can help you narrow the videos list, and it should be enough, since it would be foolish not to watch all scenes from the intro to the climax.
The menu on the top is simple, though it can help you get to the network sites, the models’ index, the live cam feeds and the promos.
The real sweetness begins when you open up a videos’ page. There you can see the models name, a description and a large player. Now, the player isn’t large to exaggerate, it’s big because the site provides 1080p playback for in-browser watching too. The movies are provided in MP4 format, and since they are rather long, you should let the player load them up a bit. You can like, dislike a video; also you can add it to the favorites’ list or mark them to watch later.
Download options are in MP4 (Full-HD), WMV (HD) and MOV (WebHD, 540p). The speed is good, it won’t be a problem to save the scenes.
All picture galleries are at your disposal, containing 140+ photos with 3000×2000 resolution. Zip files are also offered.

Girls & Videos

The girls of the GirlfriendsXXX are all glamorous fresh chicks, well under thirty, so they are tight and eager to fuck… with each other this time. The word “glamorous” well describes these cute chicks, because they are not just amazingly cute, but their appearance, the overall impression you get about them is just fantastic.
Even if you are in tour mode, you can take a look at the models’ database of the site. You can see how many videos the girls shot, and how many photo sets are uploaded to the site. In case you want to make sure that these girls are the right for your needs, feel free to browse through the list.
There is another major factor that make the girls so amazingly tempting: they are Europeans. They come from countries like the Czech Republic, where it seems that all chicks are pretty and eager to shoot porn.
You will see that for yourself too that many of the girls (circa 90%) is a natural phenomenon: from playful tits to big round ones all sizes are at play here. Their pink flowers they hide in their panties are also tempting, and when you see them, you will go crazy with the need to taste them… and you haven’t even see their cute ass.
All movies here are scripted, but they are made in a unique way. The site want to look like it’s a girlfriend site, where real lesbian couples upload their videos. Now, that might not be true, but the concept is excellent, and the implementation of this idea is surprisingly good. The videos usually captured from two angles: there is a hand camera at one of the girls, and there is bigger camera operated by a third person (that’s why you can see the girls actually holding the camera) so you get here PoV porn too.
The girls are playing their roles really well, and they aren’t overacting or overplaying like the pornstars. They act naturally, and in case you forget what you read so far, you would certainly get the impression that these are real lesbian couples.
All videos feature pretty much talk; the girls whisper, complement each other, even do some not-so dirty talk. You will see that this talking is not annoying, it’s a major arousing part of the scenes.
The movies of the GirlfriendsXXX are rather long, and the sex in them is utterly arousing and satisfying. When the film starts rolling the girls don’t get weird, they remain natural, play their part nicely; maybe the best about these videos is that the girls are smiling a lot. They are not snarling like the upgraded-lipped chicks of the mainstream videos, but smile cutely. The site has a neat collection already, and it continues to grow each week. If you want more lesbian sex, check the Lesbea among the included sites; you have unlimited access to that too.

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