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The 8thStreetLatinas is a site of the RealityKings, and it’s evident from the site’s name, that this one focuses on gorgeous Latinas, who gets some hard man-meat into their vaginas. When you hear (or read, in this case) the expression ‘RealityKings’ you may feel some tingling sensation, like something is crawling up on your spine, while your pant-snake gets harder and harder. This because the RealityKings is a studio that promises much, and as you will soon see keeps its promises. So, this site features only Latinas, and you would think that all Latinas are the same, but you will see as soon as you land on the site that they are not just hot, but they are pretty different, even the shade of their skin is very varied. You will be very surprised when you start watching the videos that how perverted these cute cunts can be.

The 8thStreetLatinas is not a new site, in fact it’s one of the oldest RealityKings site, since it was launched in 2002, while the first site of the network is started its operation in 2001 and the main network site was launched only in 2006. During this thirteen years of providing porn, the site has accumulated quite a collection, and it’s without doubt that it’s not just one of oldest, but also one of the biggest sites of this studio. The videos here are all exclusive, they were only shot for this site, and if you see them anywhere else outside the main RealityKings network, you set foot on a site that is a fake or even worse, a scam. If you are looking for porn, always check the site before you register, read reviews, watch it’s ranking and other information, but the best would be to stick with the large studios’ networks.

When you become a member on the 8thStreetLatinas, you also receive a mega-pass to the whole RealityKings network. This is a great bonus, and it’s totally worth the membership fee, because you can enjoy the videos from the oldest sites, and the newly launched. The RealityKings is a one of the biggest online porn providers, and it has a huge collection of porn. The membership on the 8thStreetLatinas means that you get access to the more than 600 videos of this site, and you may also browse the nearly 10,000 scenes of the network, featuring over 5800 different models. The best thing about the whole business is that you don’t need to go anywhere from the members’ zone, because it’s the main hub, and you can change the site you want to browse with a few clicks of your mouse.

Design & Features

The tour page looks simple, and it has a clear layout. Under the montage that serves as the main heading of the site, you can see a featured video. The RealityKings is a large studio, but it only allows you to enjoy a short tour around its sites. On 8thStreetLatinas, you can watch 2 trailers daily. These trailers are reachable via the ‘Watch trailer’ (how evident) button next to the featured scene. If you finished with the trailer hit the back button, and refresh the page until the featured video changes, if it does change, you can watch another hot trailer. The members’ zone is the central area of the whole network, but since you registered through the 8thStreetLatinas, you will see that the videos of that site are listed first.

In the members’ zone you can find a search engine, and also there is a menu option where you can sort the videos by keywords or models. From this page, you have the ability to browse and search network-wide. The videos of the 8thStreetLatinas are available for download and for online watching. The RealityKings for some reasons only allows limited options for the videos, probably for better sustainability and in the name of stability. You can download up to 10 Gigabytes of data per day, and up to 15 large movies. This is a lot, so if you don’t want masturbate all day long (which is impossible) you won’t really hit the limit, maybe only if you want to save videos. 8thStreetLatinas offers you a large number of photos too, that you can access from the members’ zone and save as zip files. The site has a perfectly working mobile version, where you can also watch trailers and the full movies too.

Girls & Videos

Though the site claims to feature only amateurs, you need to know that it’s reality-porn that the site (and the network) provides you, which means that you get to watch scenes that have a setup like it’s a random encounter, and the girls are real amateurs. Now the truth is, that the videos are scripted and staged, the girls (and the guys, and the crew behind it all) are professionals, though some of the chicks are semi-pros only. Anyway, these Latinas have that magic that works a man’s mind, and makes him hard and horny. Some here have amazing ass, while others are flashing some fake boobs, but no matter whether they are naturals or not, you will want to fuck them, but since you can’t do that, you will jerk off so many times, that you balls will turn blue. Currently the site offers more than 700 models, and the newest ones are coming in HD and Full-HD, so the quality is guaranteed. The number of the videos grows steadily due to the stable weekly updates.

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