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The joy of jerking off to kinky porn has no parallel. Kinky porn leaves you highly satisfied and keeps you asking for more. Even when you watch plain vanilla porn, somewhere at the back of your mind, you have the urge to see something kinky, like getting the slut on her knees, compelling her to do something nasty, slapping her tits or pussy, or even tying her up and pounding her tight asshole, with all your might. Kinky porn showing rough sex is a rare thing, but there are sites that offer you such a combination.

One such site that we found for you is called HumiliatedSchoolGirls, and everything about this site will immensely please and satisfy you thoroughly. There are a lot of things that go in favour of this site, and these factors combine to give you an out-of-this-world porn experience. There are several reasons why you should subscribe to this site, and to help you understand these reasons, we have provided a review below.

The review will give you an idea of the porn this site offers you. You will get to know the diversity of the videos, the nature of chicks who feature, the themes of these videos, the features such as number of videos, the quality, accessibility and affordability and many others. We loved this site and we are sure that you will love it too, when you get to know its affordability. So, join us in taking a ride through this site called HumiliatedSchoolGirls.

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Design & Features

The ambiance of this site is very beautiful and subtle, with the color scheme of black, grey and traces of white, yellow and blue perfectly filling over the layout of this site and leaving no empty space at all. This ambiance provides you with an intense and furious sense of sexual passion, one perfectly in line with the submissive nature of the girls featured on this site. When you visit this site, you will find that the site has not messed around with anything, and kept things simple. The porn videos are available upfront, in a grid format, featuring three columns and a dozen rows. Of course, this makes 36 videos, and there’s one at the bottom, making it 37.

There is a header at the top, having a black background. The body of the site is done up with a grey hue, with oblique stripes running across. The header and body have a blue line separating one from the other. The grey background in the body allows the videos to stand out noticeably. The absence of any border for the videos ensures that the videos blend with the background perfectly. The blending also makes perfect sense from an aesthetic perspective. The videos have a smart caption and duration in white and yellow texts, with each video presenting a separate theme. There are no unnecessary banners and pop-up ads to disturb your focus on this site. You can focus completely only on the porn and jerk-off after a hard-day’s work at your office.

The header has some interesting parts of this site, including the logo, a join now link and a Create Free Account button. Let us first tackle the logo part. I know you are keen to know what this Create Free Account is. The logo is a blue velvet-satin ribbon with HumiliatedSchoolGirls stitched on the softer side. HumiliatedSchoolGirls is also has that satin-velvety feel and is in yellow colour. This catches your eye when you check it out. On the right corner of the header, the join now link is seen at the top. Below it, the yellow Create Free Account button is placed. Click on it and a pop-up screen appears. Fill in your personal details, create a username and password and your zip-code. You are ready to access the website. But yes, before you get to enjoying these videos, make sure you verify your age, entering your credit card details.

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Girls & Videos

The porn is hardcore rough to an incredible degree. The chicks are treated as bitches, fucked in every possible hole and used in every possible way. There is diversity, in terms of the kind of videos. Threesomes, cum facials, pussy creampies, anal creampies, old-man and amateur sex, monster cocks, interracial and many others. The sluts are also very diverse and the site features Latinas, Asians, Americans, Russians, Europeans, and many more. Within the kinky porn genre, if HumiliatedSchoolGirls can get diversity, it must be an amazing site.

There are threesome porn videos in which two guys are fucking a girl, with one cock inside the pussy and the other inside her mouth. Or double penetration. Two sluts vying for one dick and its cum has its appeal and when they swap the cum into their mouths, it is a sight to behold. Ramming the cocks into the cunts hard gives you a different porn experience for sure.

Anal sex is very commonly featured. I liked the one in which an old man, an uncle, fucks that sexy amateur because she has been teasing him very often. And to teach her a lesson, he pounds that tight asshole that she screams in agony, “Oh! Uncle Max, you put it in my ass.” The slut has learnt her lesson why she shouldn’t tease an old man.


A great porn site that will give you everything you have asked from it. Becoming a lifetime member is like the point of no return. Free account, tons of porn, option to upgrade to premier platinum account, amateur chicks and rough sex, can keep you busy all night long. Even in your slumber, all you will dream about is the rough sex on this site.

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HumiliatedSchoolgirls Reviews
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