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HelplessTeens porn site is developed by one of the most prestigious Network in the porn online industry the Fetish Network. These fresh chicks are silly enough and accept a lift from strangers. In exchange for their ride, their bodies will be misused in every way by these horny dudes. The site promises for their audiences that they are going to get what they have paid for and these are high quality in HD BDSM exclusive films. This particular niche signs us as a warning especially for those fresh chicks out there that are looking for fun. Do not get into the van with a stranger if you are so cute, innocent looking and sexy.

Design & Features

If you loved watching the hit suspense movie series “Spit 2 Your Grave”, then you already got the idea of the things you will see once you enter the site. Most of the models featured in this niche look like very innocent to me. I love their acting and even the guys as well. It’s like watching suspense and the climax would be total non-stop actions of BDSM in the most horrific hardcore ways. As I landed at the homepage in the member’s area, there are all kinds of hot stuff including creating a custom video, the network’s live shows and the latest HD videos listed by the network. By the way, this site is one of the latest released by the Network hence the numbers of the films featured are lacking. But, I guess it will generate more BDSM movies in the soonest time.

As for now, there are only 30 BDSM films which can be watched through streaming or downloads. Again, this site is one of the newer ones so it is totally understandable the numbers of their films. But, the total advantage of this one is that all these films are presented in full HD. Fair enough? You can watch these films via MP4 format with unlimited downloads and access. The site also includes 21 photo galleries where you can view the actions from a wide screen and even to your mobile devices. These photos are taken from the film. Some photos, however, are darker than others. Probably because it has to be more realistic. Each gallery has over than 50 pictures and you can download them using zip files.

There is mobile version which can be watched in several sizes and there are HD quality and above average quality. There are also in-between resolution to choose from depending on your choice. Overall, the quality of both videos and photos are good. You can get plenty of stories and plenty of actions that can last for about 25-40 minutes. Of course, lots of the fuck scenes were taken inside the van. When you become a member of the site, you are not just going to have a grant access to the site but to the entire network. You can visit and help yourself out seeing some of the most sophisticated BDSM films on the web produced by the Fetish Network. There will be live chats, daily updates, and live shows BDSM way that you will certainly love.

Girls & Videos

The movies were all taken the captivity and BDSM theme and have the very similar storyline. There will be an innocent looking chick roaming around in the streets of nowhere and here comes the big black van. The horndog will ask the chick for a ride. At first, the girl will be anxious but later the guy will convince her to get into the van. Then, all hell breaks loose. Each set of films got their own descriptions and I really like to compliment this part of the review. The film includes photo sets where you can view them while watching the film. Watching the films is never been this good and easy as the site features Streaming Option, Download Option, Live Show and Bookmark. The films are all dates and all the fuck scenes are crystal clear.

One good example of the latest films they provided is the BDSM entitled, Sally Squirtz Tender. Sally is perhaps one of the hottest and freshest models in the network and I could say that they really hit the jackpot with this one. She has her braces, long black hair, hot body and a picture perfect face. Obviously, the film will start out in the wilderness and you can see Sally wondering and looking for a ride. The intro itself is kind of scary, especially the sound effect. Now here comes the van with a dude. JB (the dudes name) will ask sally for a ride and he promises that she will get to her home safe and sound.

So, she jumps up to the passenger front’s seat and gets along with JB. This guy seems to be nice and I can say that he is not that kind of harmless. Not, until he notices the sexiness of Sally particularly her legs. That’s so nice and smooth as JB holds on the wheel and the gearing stick tightly. Sooner, Sally will ask JB “where the hell are we”? JB answers “relax I got this “. JB stopped the van and open the back door and he powerfully put Sally at the back of the van. This is where the climax comes in as JB will tie Sally’s arm and begins stripping her off. Now JB could not help it no more so he stripped off his pants and shirt while raising hell. Damn that cock it’s so huge as he lets Sally suck and lick it. As the fuck scene goes hotter and hotter, you will notice that the bitch Sally, loves what JB is doing to her.

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HelplessTeens Reviews
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