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Are you a fan of comics and anime porn? Giantess club is the place for you. They provide a huge array of digital cartoons and illustrated stories that feature hot, thick women. All the anime porn and content on their site is exclusive. This means you get access to unique stuff. If you are not a giantess fan already then you are missing out on a lot. Here is more about them.

Design & Features

The design of Giantess club follows the principle of simplicity. The site has a simple interface that is easy to get around. When you get the homepage, you get a links to the most recent, highly rated and most commented material. To browse through the entire content, all you have to do is click the ‘comics & stories tab. The site also provides a simple search engine where you can search for interesting stories or even keywords that the stories are tagged with. In addition to this, there are a number of filters you can use to sort through the stories. Although you can download full comics and stories in PDF format, you are limited to only 15 chapters a month. This therefore requires you to be careful in your choices as some comics and stories are made up of only one chapter while there are some with numerous. There must however be a way of acquiring more comics if you exceed the limit they have imposed but you still need more.

Girls & Videos

Currently there are close to 63 comics and stories online at their site. These are some of the best serial art in the internet. The contents are very amusing and entertaining. It is highly doubtful that anyone will be disappointed in them. The quality of the coloring and line work is simply outstanding. This adds to the overall quality and feel of their comics, making it a great experience to read. Most of the characters here are plus sized women. A big bonus to anyone that loves big women. The huge asses here will definitely drive you crazy. Most comics nowadays come in HD resolutions, about 1695×975, Giantess club have not been left behind. The comics are presented to its members in high resolution with the pages bursting in color. Inside the pages you get hot girls engaging in all manner of wild, erotic adventure. They strip tease, masturbate and fuck a lot. Content on the website is regularly updated and is set to grow even more as the number of its hot characters increase. The site has some special extras to enhance your experience with them. They have wallpapers for you to download, which you can use on either you laptop or phone. They also have a forum for their members. It is a pretty neat way to talk and interact with other lovers of serial art. All in all, there were over 63 comic sets with each having close to 35 photos. Another big bonus is how you download them. They are available as zip files. The pictures themselves are also of high resolution, about 1280×960 Giantess club have really done it, blending anime comics and porn so well you are bound to enjoy the experience. No one can say no to a thick and sexy lady presented in an entertaining anime style porn. Head over to their site and enjoy hot plus sized women in a totally unique way.

This site doesn’t exist anymore, you can find similar content Insane3D.

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