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The CumOnWives is a hardcore site, where you can enjoy a large collection of scenes, featuring real-life housewives giving their man a blowjob or a handjob, and in return, he sprays the elixir of life all over their faces. The videos here are amateur in their nature, but the chicks in them put on a very good job, and they perform simply well, and if you are a sucker-porn fan, then these movies will certainly fit into your desires. Since the CumOnWives is a collection page, it’s only necessary to mention that the movies are not exclusive here. However, that doesn’t really a negative attribute of this website, because it’s one of the largest sites that focus only on facials. If you do some research, you will see that there aren’t much facial-focuses websites around, but luckily, you got the CumOnWives, which offers you that, without any bullshit. This spectacular page launched in 2009, and though it’s hard to depict the actual update schedule, it’s certain that the site is updated, and most of the times multiple videos and photo sets are added to the collection. The site already has a large amount of porn for you, and the special niche of the site makes it unavoidable page to those who like this niche.

Design & Features

Well, the tour page of the site follows the main trend of amateur-porn websites: simple design with lots of teasing thumbnails, but no actual insight into the videos (no trailers here). You can browse through a few pages of pictures, though if you are really into this kind of stuff, you should register and take a look at the real content. The inner section of the CumOnWives is also pretty simple. The site has a search engine built in which can help you get to the content you seek, but since it’s mostly user-submitted content, the folks who add the scenes don’t really take their time to add tags to the videos and photos, so the best way to browse might be to go through the content page by page. All of the actual scenes are available for download in MP4 format, but if you prefer the in-browser watching, then you can join the crowd and watch each video in the embedded player, which is used to play the FLV stream. These are not HD scenes, and their length isn’t too big, so they will load pretty fast, and the playback will prove to be really satisfying. There are nearly 100,000 photos on the site, and they also offer lots of fun to watch. You can view them in the browser. The pictures are sharp and well-lit, and each set contains about 30-50 picture, which is a rather large number considering this is amateur content. There is a zip download option too, so you can set up your own slideshow with the programs you like. Apart from the desktop access, you can enjoy the site’s content on smart phones and tablets, the optimized interface works pretty fine.

Girls & Videos

The women on the CumOnWives are all amateurs who were pretty eager to show that they can easily take a huge load of cum all over their faces. These amateur cuties are mostly housewives (as you might have already depicted from the site’s name) and luckily this is a site where not just those girlfriend-types are featured, but real, a bit more grown-up women. Being a wife is hard enough, and being a mother is harder, but a woman always finds a way to please her husband, and herself of course. These MILFs here are not just playing around their husbands’ dick; they take it deep into their mouth, pussy and ass too. When you take a look on them, you can see that they are not extraordinary, in fact, they look average, but they still have tight bodies, and since they are all amateurs, most of them still natural, no upgraded tits and asses here. Among the models of the CumOnWives, you can find a large variety, not just in their body-types and body-parts, but their ethnicities are also really diverse: there are Blacks, Latinas and Asian cuties too apart from the thousands of Caucasian wives. On the CumOnWives you can enjoy mostly hardcore porn videos, featuring blowjobs and deepthroat, and there are scenes with actual penetration, ending in a facial, but those who are more into handjobs, will certainly find these scenes to be satisfying. All videos on the site are amateur in nature, these are not reality-porn scene, the wives here are real, and not pornstars who act like amateurs. The sex in the videos isn’t that varied, but it’s a kind of cum-fetish site, so that’s the main attraction that leads you here. At this moment, according to the site’s statistics, there are 1980 scenes here, each featuring different women, which means that you will find yourself welcomed by a large variety of girls to choose from. Most of the videos are made in PoV style, and you can get some really close shots of the chick getting their faces covered with cum. The videos aren’t too long, most of them are under 10 minutes, and since they are not scripted, you will usually get right into the middle of the action without any declaration of the situation or whatsoever. The scenes may be short, but for those like to watch facials, they will prove to be really delightful.

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Cum On Wives Reviews
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