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Are you an avid porn fan? Then you should be fond of watching different porn videos too, not just the ones that you are already used to. For some people, they would find it quite hard to watch porn videos that they don’t like the genre of, but for genuine fans, they will enjoy watching any type of genre just for the love of it. There are also some people too who would enjoy watching different genres of porn to answer to their curiosities. And some people are just plain lovers of certain kinds of fetishes where there are only a handful (if any) of websites that cater to it. If you are one of those people that we have mentioned, then you are really in luck today, because we have a found not just one site, but an entire porn network that answers to unique porn genres. This network is called Channel69, and today we are going to explore its home site, Channel 69 VIP. Upon seeing their roster of websites, we are sure that it would be really fun to take a look and discover the different porn sites that they have created, mostly because you are not going to see porn videos created for this genre elsewhere. If you are thinking of not taking a look into the network though because you are the type of guy who enjoys regular porn, then you are going to be missing out. The reason is because aside from the special niches that we have said above, this porn network has also created sites catering to the usual genres. In short, they have websites for everyone! We are sure that no one will ever regret joining Channel69VIP because of this, for they have really made it an effort to make their members happy. And so, let us now move on to the different porn sites that you may be able to access along with the membership details. For the unique websites that we were talking about earlier some of them are Hot 50 Plus (for those who want to see mature girls, as old as fifty still getting fucked), Big Clits Big Lips (if you are fond of watching pussies, clits, and lips), and Body Builders In Heat (it is actually our first time to see a porn site for muscular women porn), just to name a few. For the regular ones, they have Mega Butt (for those who love anal action), Only Real Tits (perfect if you love boobs), and Lesbian Chunky Chicks (for those who love girl on girl porn), among many others. We would not be able to list down all of the porn sites included in their porn network, really. That is why we encourage you to take a look into them instead. As for the membership details, you won’t be worrying about selecting the best plan for you because they only offer one mega pass, which is unlimited access to all of their porn sites for one price! Yes, it only has one amount, and it is very affordable, so you won’t need to deal with any other confusion anymore. Not to mention that you are going to receive a VIP access.

Design & Features

The look of the website is very classy, all in accordance with the VIP theme. It has a sleek black theme with golden accents. Once you have landed on the site, you will immediately see the roster of porn sites that they offer. These are links presented in thumbnails, where you will be able to see, more or less, what that porn site looks like. On the right side of the page, you will find the latest updates on the different porn sites. These updates are presented with a picture, the date of upload, the site name, and finally, a short description of what the update is all about. Finally, upon scrolling down, you will see the bottom of the page where the pictures of their most popular porn stars are shown.

Girls & Videos

Speaking of porn stars, let us now move on and talk about the porn stars in their network. Just by taking a look into their list of porn stars, you will already see that they don’t really focus on featuring one type of woman or nationality. Well, the porn sites and niches that they cater are pretty varied so this is the reason why they have probably made it a point to get all types of porn stars included in their network. Their porn stars come in different colors (or nationalities), different sizes (from really slim ones up to BBW porn stars), and different ages (from fresh porn stars just starting out their careers in the industry up to older and more mature porn stars who can be as old as sixty or more). Yes, the girls here are truly pretty exciting, like the porn sites themselves! Everyone would surely find a porn star most suited for their tastes. If you crave a certain type of girl that you have found exceptionally hard to find, then you would most certainly find her here. If you don’t think you have much experience in the world of porn yet, then let us offer you this advice. It can be really hard to find unique porn sites that would cater to unique fetishes, this is why when we find one, we really make it a point to take a closer look into the site to see if there’s any quality there. And if there is, we make sure that we are always updated on what happens on that site, because these sites are pretty rare. But today, we have found not just a porn site, but an entire network! This is the reason why we totally think that you should consider joining Channel69 VIP because it could take you some time to find another one similar to them.

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