Busted By Daddy Review & Discount


Busted by Daddy is an adult entertainment site that features hot cuties in sexy poses and steamy sex encounters with fellow girls. It is a girls-only site with plenty of entertainment; especially if you love girl stuff. The girls struck me as real amateur first- time performers on camera. They could easily be your sister, or your next door neighbor. One thing is certain about the way the videos are shot and the actual content presented; the girls are gorgeous, attractive and wildly sexy hot.

Design & Features

The site doesn’t sport any dominant color but there are splashes of light girlish colors that signal to the models featured. There is a conspicuous effort to make it easy to browse the site. I loved it when I arrived on the landing page and quickly saw a list of categories that helped me to catch a glimpse of what the site has to offer. There is a model index and a list of tagged captions that click into the actual scenes, easily, once you decide to explore. Navigation is, therefore, fairly easy, and in fact, it was fun and adventurous for me. I loved it. Although there is no search tool available, you have a great time when you wish to settle for your preferences on this site. The site is also perfectly optimized for mobile access. I could watch my favorite videos at the touch of a button on my Smartphone. Members are allowed to stream videos directly on the site. You could also download if you choose to do so. I loved it when I discovered that I could actually download as many video clips as I wanted. I did. If you like bonuses, I have mixed news for you. The site may not be offering direct access to other sites but you have access to this site if you are a member to the Ex-Girlfriend Network. I don’t know whether that would pass as a bonus but I guess it is worth mentioning in a review such as this.

Girls & Videos

There is sufficient content on this site to titillate you to the bone. I loved the presentations by these immensely energetic and enthusiastic girls as they stroke their cherries on camera, and allow you a close-up glimpse. The cuties are also featured in sexy lingerie and heels as they kiss each other sensually and stimulate their friends until they can’t resist the temptation any more. What ensues is thrilling; lesbian scenes that are charged with plenty of romantic touches, caresses and kisses. There is plenty of beautiful lingerie and nudity show here. The videos are greatly stimulating and surprisingly great quality; considering that they are posted by real amateur girls from various places and captured using a range of devices. Some of these videos could easily and certainly pass for real professional shots. Meet Grace and Anna as they embark on a sensual journey of stimulation. The models look calm but soon turn into tigresses as they kiss and finger each other to explosive and noisy orgasms that make you want to join in. There is plenty of fingering and cherry sucking that leaves these innocent looking cuties vulnerable and attractively naïve. The girls take selfies too; as they pursue sensual escapades in solo masturbation scenes. The solo performances are just as erotic. The platform presents you with several movies that come in varying playback spans. This is an attribute that is unavoidable; owing to the fact that they are uploaded directly by the original owners. You are allowed to download as much as you wish; once you subscribe. There are several pics to sample too. Like the videos, the pics are equally impressive. This website doesn’t exist anymore, take a look at Dad Crush.

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