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All of us love Asian chicks but the lack of Asian porn is really concerning especially because most websites are trying to focus on generic porn with plenty of genres covered instead of catering to people who want content from a particular niche. The website BrutalAsia is home to some of the best porn you have ever seen and you will find plenty of scenes that cater to the audience who love to get Asian chicks every single day. There is nothing wrong with having a favorite type of porn and if you manage to get hold of a website that caters to the specific niche that you want content of, there is nothing bad about it right? The website manages to provide you content from new locations all the time, and it’s surprising that the website has managed to push out content of so much variety despite catering to such a niche genre.

BrutalAsia is a popular porn forum which has lots of discreet porn action for discreet porn lovers. When I checked out the website, the intensity and the eroticism of the scenes left me amazed. I admit that I have seen numerous Asian hardcore porn actions and I have also seen quite a lot of intense anal fucking scenes taking place, but to tell the truth, they were not even close to what I witnessed here. Another thing which I noticed about the website is that the scenes were amazing in picture as well as sound quality. The HD resolutions made these movies all the more erotic and with its crisp and clear sound, I could even hear the enjoyment which these girls had in form of their sexy mourns.

I also came to know that the website is great in terms of the update sectimon. New movies are added constantly, in fact between 10 days of so and that to me is what makes any website function successfully in the long run. The length of the videos also seemed to be long with some even extending to more than half an hour. The download speed also seemed to be quite impressive. So all in all, the website is a great place to hunt for lesbian porn videos and so setting up an account does make sense. Let us check out some more facts about BrutalAsia. The insignificant amount of time that this site has spent in this market of sexual content has not hindered its growth and popularity from reaching the sky heights.

The way it has been working towards developing its contents and other features of the site will give you a good idea about the dedication of the web page towards providing the public with pleasure contents and in turn, making a good profit. The website truly redefines the genre, as some of the hottest women in the industry have become a part of the website and the women are loving being in control for a change. To get into the details you have to stick to the later part of the review and carry on exploring on your own.

Design & Features

If you want to sign up for the website then you should head to the home page or even the tour page where you will find the required sign up form. Fill the form accurately and set up a desired username and password. Once you are done with the process you will be able to login instantly after you pay for your membership package. The packages that are on offer are truly great and you will be able to get the most out of your membership if you choose to download all of the fancy content. A lot of fucking and sucking goes on in the website and if you want to experience what the website offers then you need to check out the tour page.

If you are not sure if you should be getting a membership then you need to see what the website entails by going through an overview of all of the content on the tour page. These dorm room sex scenes have been brilliantly recorded on high definition cameras; it seems that the website only allows high-quality content. The strict levels of content curating means only the best of videos are given the green signal and updated on the website. The high levels of hotness are just too much to deal with and you will flip out your dick and start jerking off as soon as you see the women drop their panties to the floor to get fucked by multiple men at the same time. There are some other videos that go off the beaten track as well; there are some videos where dick measuring contests take place at parties. Well, the dicks are not measured by women with scales but with their mouths!

Girls & Videos

They have girls of all age groups and figures and so irrespective of whichever genre of girl you love to watch in action you are sure to get your desires fulfilled. The videos are also in wonderful picture quality and that is what makes the entire action all the more appealing and enthralling. The website is elegant in most of the sections but to be specific the credit for the elegance of the site goes to the assorted range of sex flicks and the unusual range of pictures. The videos and the pictures mirror each other. The site holds almost 311+ videos in HD formats and that too are both obtainable for download and streaming. The MP4 format will allow you to take fun of the videos from the mobiles too. Besides the rich assortment of films you can have the taste of a great range of 154+ picture galleries which are comprised of 60 sets of snaps and are available for download in Zip Files formats.


Brutal Asia wisely mix the asian porn flavor with an extra kink of rough anal sex, (done quite right!) which creates a lovely product that we really suggest you to look at. Also, the layout if very attractive and well done and you won’t get bored soon since they use to update the site pretty often.

In one word: recommended!

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BrutalAsia Reviews
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