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Just like the name suggests, AnimatedKink is an anime adult site that focuses on anime characters getting naughty and busy under the sack. The site is a representative of all dark and kinky fetishes that have been put together for your enjoyment. The scenes all revolve around the hardcore sex theme with a definite preference to hardcore Hentai sexual encounters. There is no doubt that you will generally enjoy what the adult site has to offer. All the scenes are highly entertaining and they will give you the pleasure that you are looking for. If anime sites disappointed you before, this one is able to turn your world upside down in a good way. It is a pleasure extravaganza.

The site also throws in a bit of BDSM scenes in its incredible collection of scenes. Every lustful moment on the pages is truly worthwhile. Brought to you by the kinkyDollarsNetwork, you will only be able to enjoy the best adult cartoons. The scenes are nasty and that is exactly what makes it so dark impressive. The site also has a decent amount of cosplay that will ensure that you get an extra dose of entertainment, as you desire. Even if this is not your kink, you will still find something to love about this incredible adult site. Do not be afraid to thank out of the box, AnimatedKink has a plentiful to offer.

Established in 2012, this porn site been in existence for a period of four years. It has built a slow but steady collection for all those who pledge loyalty for it to enjoy. The kinkyDollarsNetwork has 37 sites under its belt and as a member you will get full access to all of them. Currently, AnimatedKink boasts of 63 galleries and an equal number of scenes. Thankfully, the pictures are available in multiple sizes and you can be able to enjoy them as you desire. All of the content on the site’s collection and you will not be able to see the flicks on other platforms. You will be able to enjoy over-sized penises that are in the center of all hardcore encounters. There are all kinds of the action to enjoy so your expectations should be high because you will be met at your point of desire.

AnimatedKink has changed our perception of cartoon sex and fantasy. While you may think real-life models and porn stars dish out the best action, you will realize that these Hentai-animated characters are not far from best. They bring you worthwhile action. You will be sold on everything that these pages of pleasure have in store for you. I am sure that you will be completely hooked at first sight. To top it off, the entire collection of scenes and the pictures in the galleries are presented in high-quality version. It’s no wonder you will love this site to a fault.

Design & Features

Logging into AnimatedKink is a delight in itself. It is almost like walking into a pleasure heaven. The members’ area may appear plain but the movies will take you to the peak of excitement. It is evident that you are in for a good treat. The site only has the most basic browse tools that will get you around. There are also links that will enable you to enjoy other bonus movies as well as modify your current account settings. All of the bonus sites feature BDSM, so you are in for a lot of entertainment. The movies are tagged with appropriate titles and thumbnails that will send you straight to the gallery. There aren’t any technicalities that would complicate things as far as navigation. The animated characters are not over the top. Generally, the artwork is more traditional in nature and the site blends well with all others that offer content of a similar nature. The site clearly reflects that old is gold and this is certainly the way to go!

Girls & Videos

The animated female characters on AnimatedKink are more or less what you would see on a comic book. They have hair that resembles that of the cartoon character Samurai but other than that, they are pretty eye-catching. All of them seem to be cut from the same cloth in that they resemble in a variety of ways with only their eye color, hair color, and few physical features being different. There are definitely those who prefer natural beauty while the others seem pretty natural. As the artist has the liberty to portray the characters as he pleases, he does it in an eye-catching way without being too exaggerative about it. Often, these characters are meant to resemble cute fresh faces who are having for exploring and finding out what bodily pleasures are all about.

You will enjoy lesbian encounters as much as you will group sex scenes. As the site focuses on BDSM, the models are restrained using tightrope, clothes, and chains and are whipped accordingly. Some of them get fucked so hard that they find it hard to withstand the action anymore, they lift their hands up in the air as a sign of surrender. The sites showcase nudity as well as a bit of cosplay. You will be able to get a glimpse of everything that catches your fancy. You can obviously tell that the characters are first-timers in the BDSM platform, therefore, as you enjoy them in action, they simply also have a lot to learn. They get anally penetrated as well as fisted in a few scenes. If these were real models, the realness of the action would be absolutely wonderful. Every moment of the sexy drama is worth it.

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