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AnalDebut has some unbelievable claims, because it promises exclusive, original porn videos of stunning Danish couples, and as you can get it from the name, this time the chicks are getting their assholes widened by their man’s cock. Now, keeping the promise of exclusivity is pretty hard, but you must ask yourself a question: Did I ever watched actually Danish porn? The answer is probably no; so you have to get yourself ready for some exciting European porn that was made only to give you some good hours. The site seems like a fresh page, and after some digging, it become clear that it was launched in 2012, so it’s rather new one, and it’s not alone.

The AnalDebut is part of the SexAdGang network, and if you become a member of this site, you get access to another bunch of porn sites, adding up to a dozen of Danish-themed porn sites. The whole network concentrates on Danish girls, and the videos are all original porn from that cold country, though they are so hot, that it would be enough to melt the snow away.

The content is really exclusive, and all sites are providing you with 100% original videos. This particular page has first time anal videos, while the SexDebut offers you the debuting scenes of those girls you can find here. The DanskePar features amateur couples who are doing some porn, possibly for some cash or in hopes of becoming famous pornstars. There are sites focusing on cumshots, nudity, MILFs and there are also sites with masturbation. It’s hard to detect how many videos will be available if you become a member on this site, thus joining the whole network, but there must be about 1500-2000 original, exclusive videos without sharing or recycling. When you become a member, you will be also eligible to browse a large library of non-exclusive hardcore DVDs.

Design & Features

The tour of the site makes it clear what you will find in the members’ zone: fresh and hot Danish chicks, going through their first anal intercourse. But before they get their ass penetrated for the first time, they do some other things. The tour is very simple, and it offers you only the thumbnails on the home page, which are usually changing when you get your mouse over them. When you land in the members’ zone after you give decide to give the site a try, you will be shocked at first, because all texts are in Danish. Now, that should cause only a problem, if you are a complete technological analphabetic and you don’t use Firefox of Chrome that have automatic translation. However you will find yourself easily using the site in the original language, since it’s so simple, that you can’t get it wrong. The menu options are the following: Home (Forside), AnalDebut videos (Analdebut Pigerne), also there is an option for the porn DVDs (DVD Pornofilm), and the last option is for the links to other sites. The strangest thing about the site that there is no embedded player in the members’ zone, you can save the videos only to your hard drive.

Most of the scenes are in WMV format, and they are offering 240p resolutions, and though it’s not the biggest, it still gives a very good playback. You have the opportunity to save the videos in parts (five parts) and in the whole. If you are someone who doesn’t really like to save files to his computer without peeking into it, you should try a video player plugin, like VLC, since it’s capable of opening the WMV files right in your browser. The pictures galleries are usually consist of video captions. You can view the pictures one by one, and it seems that there are no zip downloads available. While the videos of the site are available for downloading only, the bonus content, those hardcore DVDs are only viewable online. The AnalDebut doesn’t have a mobile site, though the thumbnails of the tour page are organizing themselves to fit to the mobile browser window. It’s sure that watching the scenes won’t be a problem on you tablet or smart phone, since most of the times these machines are downloading the videos automatically, and you play the scenes without saving.

Girls & Videos

All videos are giving a feeling that they are amateur videos, because all of them are captured with a hand camera, and the guy who is capturing the action is wandering around the couple, and tries to get all aspect of the sex. He (or she) is not a particularly professional one, since there aren’t close captions of the action, but you get a good overall view of the couple doing the nasty. The things that these couples perform are exciting and they do a very good job to provide you with some varied sex.

There are blowjobs, masturbating and pussy fucking taking place before the anal penetration, and if you pay close attention you can see that for some of the girls really have their first time of backdoor entrance. The girls in the scenes are all amazing, and if you take a closer look on them, you can see that most of them are naturals, so those big boobs are real, no plastic in their bodies. They seem to be mostly amateurs or semi-amateurs. As you can see even on the tour page, they are mostly so blonde that there is possibly no blonder hair on the world.

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