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The AmericanDaydreams is one of the fantasy sites of the NaughtyAmerica. It promises you a hardcore sex videos’ collection that is growing steadily due to the regular updates. Also the site claims to have HD and even higher quality videos in store for you for download, and for online viewing. Since it’s a NaughtyAmerica site, you also get access to lots of bonuses, and you can watch all of your fantasies coming to life. This site is part of the main network of the NaughtyAmerica, which means that if you register here, you also gain access to most of their sites. The main focus of the NaughtyAmerica is to provide the audience with porn that fulfills those hidden desires, makes the men’s fantasies turn into reality. All videos produced by this studio features one or more daydreams of us, that all men used to fantasize about when trying get that cock harder. The NaughtyAmerica is one of the biggest online porn providers, and it’s safe to say that it’s also one of the rulers of the US internet-porn business. The studio does it very well and it has built a real empire that has millions of subjects who are just waiting for another day to pass so some new, exciting, high quality videos are added to one of the network sites.

This particular website, the AmericanDaydreams is pretty old, since it was launched in 2005, and it has grown a lot during the past ten years. The collection seems to be growing on a weekly basis, and though there were some problems in the past, the site now sticks strictly to the weekly schedule. All videos of the site are created only to be published there, which means that all of the scenes are exclusive, you can hardly find them outside the NaughtyAmerica network. There are tube sites that are providing parts of the scenes, in much worse quality. The studio has two kinds of sites, there are those that are in the main network, and there is a special circle of sites that are called the NaughtyAmerica Presents’ sites. These websites are in a closed circle, all of them are standalone pages with exclusive videos, and if you join them, you gain access to only those scenes that were meant to be published trough that site. The AmericanDaydreams is one of the flagships of the network; the videos here are real hardcore scenes with amazing pornstars.

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Design & Features

The AmericanDaydreams doesn’t have a standalone site; its videos’ list is embedded into the main site of the NaughtyAmerica. The videos are listed on the left side of the page, under the logo and the description of the site. There is a trailer offering a short compilation of the videos of the site, so you can gather that insight you may need to convince yourself that this is the right place to join. The frame of the site is the global menu of the NaughtyAmerica, which means that wherever you click, it has a network-wide effect, and the results are all listed from the whole network. When you enter the inner sanctuary, the members’ zone of the AmericanDaydreams, you will see the same layout, and the same options, the only real difference is that the videos are actually working. If you want to search through the videos to find the video that best fits into your fantasies, you can use the keywords based search engine, or the more advanced PornFinder option, where you may select the exact fantasy: who does it with who, what they do and where they do it. When you find a video that you think it’s going to be a good help in loading of the stuff from you balls, you get two options for actually viewing it.

There is a Flash-video stream for you, which you may access with an embedded player. It offers various quality settings, and you can see that the latest videos are offering 1080p resolution too for the in-browser viewing. Those who like to save things so they can watch it later again, will be glad to find that there are various quality files to save, and they mostly are MP4 videos. The newer videos are made in 4K HD, and if you want to enjoy the flicks in their fullest glory, you need to stick with the download options. There are picture sets of the scenes too, and if you are a full member of the site, you get access to its mobile version, so watching something juicy on the go won’t be a problem.

Girls & Videos

These chicks are all professional pornstars. Some of them are still doing videos for the NaughtyAmerica, some don’t, and you can see that if she’s still active if you open up a videos’ tab. There you can see her NaughtyAmerica videos listed. Since they are all professionals, you will find here mostly fake tits, and also some corrected ass. The movies are all scripted, since they all need to give back the feeling that they are actual dreams. There are stories presenting your fantasies too, like when you saw that hot delivery chick, or you are on a wedding where the bride and her bridesmaids are all hot and horny… it would be futile to list more fantasies, you surely get the drift. The sex that these gals and guys do is real hardcore; there is no kindness in them: they get it on, and do it hard.

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