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Are you a fan of blondes or brunettes? Are you a fan of slim girls or voluptuous ones? If you have answered the latter to both of our questions, then you would really enjoy the porn site that we are going to review today. We will give you some information about it first before the big reveal. First, it features a brunette bombshell. We understand that a lot of porn fans who enjoy blonde porn stars, however, we also understand that there is a great deal of people who enjoy brunette stars as well. The reason is because some people find brunette stars with more character because of their long dark hair. Also, we are all aware of the long withstanding stereotypes about blondes, right? It is not that we support it. In fact, we are totally against these stereotypes, but what can we do? We cannot totally disregard or ignore them for now. Hence, because of this thinking, a lot of men devote their glorious time with brunette porn videos and boxes of tissue. Second, this porn star is also a voluptuous one. Aren’t you guys tired of watching those skinny girls? They don’t look healthy. They tire easily. They don’t even look energized. But it doesn’t mean that you need to choose watching the exact opposite. Yes, there are a lot of gorgeous big beautiful women (BBW), but if you are not a fan of them, then why not choose a porn star that is perfectly in between? Someone who is not skinny, but not too chubby to be considered BBW. Someone who is just the right size and shape. And now, we are going to put these two characteristics together. We are going to talk about a porn model who is undeniably brunette and someone who is perfectly the right size. We are talking about the brunette porn queen, Kora Kryk. Have you heard of her already? If you haven’t heard of her yet then you are totally missing out on a lot, especially when you love porn stars that have the same aesthetics like her. We are going to talk about a porn site named after her, KoraKryk. Now, it wasn’t really mentioned anywhere in the porn site that this one was affiliated with any porn network of some sort, especially on the home page. However, it was mentioned on the sign-up page that after you have signed up for membership for KoraKryk, you will also gain access to twenty plus other porn sites as well, with more being added by the week! We know that you are already interested in joining so let us now move on to the different membership plans available. There are three. There is a monthly option, and this provides the lowest rates, a one month plan, and finally, a three-month offer that gives you one month of access for free.

Design & Features

Upon entering the site you will be welcomed by large crisply shot images of Kora Kryk showing her generous curves and her mouthful melon like boobs upon the porn sites welcome banner. The images of Kora Kryk are shown on the welcome banner in a form of an automatic slide show presentation showing you different angles of her body as well as the various niches or genre that she loves doing. As you scroll down the page you will see tons of thumbnails of all the recent adult film productions that she has made. The thumbnails show images of the best scenes featured on her videos together with a short a short yet straight to the point title of the video which perfectly describe what you should expect from them. Aside from her naughty and sexy videos her site also features some thumbnails of various teasers as well as free trailers of some other sites that Kora Kryk’s porn site is affiliated with like the MyBoobs porn site. Furthermore, another interesting design and feature that the porn site has is the fact that the color presentation, as well as the overall design of the porn site, is rather simple and not that elaborately fancy giving the visitors of the site to focus more on what Kora Kryk can offer you through her videos and pictures; giving you a more straightforward sexy time with Kora.

Girls & Videos

And for our favorite part of all our porn site reviews, the girls. Just as the porn site name suggests, the main star of this porn site is Kora Kryk. You will see her in lots of possible niches and scenarios that will blow your mind (and your load, if you know what I mean). Based on what we have observed on the thumbnails presented on her homepage, we were really impressed by how versatile she is as a porn star. You will see her being pounded by a tough-looking dude in one of the videos and being hardcore on some girl on girl action on the next video.
We also enjoyed the fact that all of her videos were high-quality. With that being said, we are not only referring to the clear and crisp images of her full high-definition videos but, we are also talking about the entire package of the video. Each production has a really nice and classy setting, like velvet sheets and intricate leather costumes. These fine details really complete the viewing experience. And we have noticed that sometimes, other porn star specific sites skip those details already, probably because they are already too reliant on the popularity of the porn star that they are presenting. But even so, it would not really mean that you would skip these details entirely, right? And this is part of the reason why we really enjoyed and recommend the KoraKryk site to any of you porn lovers out there.

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