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Well, hello there big guys! I am not talking to guys. I am talking to their juicy hot rods that are almost one foot long! To the moms who made these handsomely big-dicked gay men, I could not thank you enough! I would like to experience how it feels like living under the same roof with these lovelies! And I found them all in just one click! Introducing 429Videos, the home of incredible gay porn! Although the website is quite puerile compared to other porn sites, I assure you it tries to compete against the legendary and established porn sites by offering 100% authentic amateur gay porn videos. You’d see a lot of gay porn action here, ranging from furious cock-sucking, fervently rubbing their long dicks while jerking off and getting fucked or fucking other cuties’ assholes making themselves experience that extraordinary orgasm!

Design & Features

I think 429Videos has the cheapest and most affordable business deal to offer. The longer time you want to subscribe from, the cheaper it gets. Plus, if you decide to push through with that membership, you get to have free access to 10 other websites. Imagine getting 10 freebies for just paying an amount good for a single porn site. In connection to their membership, all you have to do is choose an attractive and appealing username (make sure it’s unique), create a safe password, and enter your email address in order to verify your account. The bill will be paid via credit card. Because of this, I appreciate how they offer discreet and encrypted billing. At least, I don’t have to explain to other members of the family what the website is all about. Lastly, the encrypted billing made me feel secure that none of my personal and sensitive information will be protected with the utmost diligence that the company could offer. Personality theft crimes are quite common nowadays so it’s important to be extra careful in dealing with online transactions. In connection to this, 429Videos can definitely provide you with one. As a member, you have the discretion to either stream the full videos online or just download it on your own device. The website provides fast video streaming in order to provide their members continuous and straight hours of porn binge watching. With a speed of 850Kb/sex, you’re awesomely unstoppable! Just make sure to have enough lube in order to avoid chaffing. However, if you want to save the videos to your computer, there is no problem with that because all of the videos are available for download, considering that you must be a member of the site. Not only are the videos downloadable, the same applies for the photos. They have countless of photo galleries of beautiful twinks to choose from. All of these videos and photos are taken by amateur gays who are brave enough to post pictures of themselves (or of or with their boyfriends) online. These are purely submitted by other members who just wanna have fun and gather a little attention too. Being a member, you’d be able to experience their first-rate customer service. I like how graphic their page for customer service is. Instead of feeding the members with boring sets of texts, they have thought of a way to make it more interesting and appealing. I also like how organized they are based on the topic. They have the home button which will show you 3 major buttons containing information about canceling your membership, billing help, and technical help. If you move to the next button, you’d see a portion for billing where you could either choose to cancel your membership or visit the FAQs. You could try to explore this portion for yourself in order to experience the convenience on your own. Lastly, almost every visitor has the chance to submit one of their seductive photos. All they have to do is enter a name, then the email address and lastly, choose file/s to upload. Just make sure to check all the marks that are needed prior to submission of your photo or video.

Guys & Videos

These twinks are simply the best! Not only are they gifted with pretty faces but they also have quite a huge package that girls would swoon over. However, these hot rods are only available to the same sex. These models have different ethnic background ranging from Caucasians, Africans, Hispanic, and Asians. But what do they have in common? They all look mouth-watering! Most of them are based in the US so you might get a chance to meet these stunning men at some gay bar so you better pay close attention. Their faces will be difficult for you to forget. If you look close enough to the videos and photos uploaded by different members and website patrons, you’d see that all of them are amateurs. None of the photos are taken by professional photographers or shot by a professional director. These are all raw videos that capture genuine face reactions and emotions. The photos are all natural. None of them are even airbrushed in Photoshop! I appreciate how these men are confident enough to strut their machine guns as if they’re doing the gay community a public service. All of the orgasms are also genuine. So, say goodbye to fake moans because these guys will surely burst out from too much sexual tension and pleasure, shooting their juice all over the place or the face of their partner. 429Videos is a proof that gay porn is redefining standards of the porn industry and is equally competing with other straight sex porn websites. I believe that both genres deserve a pat at the back. There are indeed a lot of great gay porn sites. However, I assure you that 429Videos is one of the best and is a website that should not be taken lightly. So go ahead and get a first-hand experience on how these guys show their swag on gay fucking!

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