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Have you ever heard of virtual reality porn on the Internet? Wow! I thought I was up on all the latest stuff as far as XXX hardcore and softcore fare on the web, but when I discovered Virtual Real Gay a site where you can partake of porn and feel like you are actually IN the action rather than just sitting there with your hardening dick in your hand, looking in on what is going on, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Short of being with a super sexy stud in person, feeling his skin against your own, tasting his sweating body and his hard precum-soaked cock on your tongue and between your lips, smelling the sweet aroma of your bodies grinding together in a mad, passionate fuck, Virtual Real Gay is probably the closest you will ever get to the real thing. To get the full effect of this revolutionary technology, you will want to get the special goggles allowing you to turn your smartphone into a virtual reality movie player but even if you just download the free software, you will experience something unique thanks to this amazing new way to consume porn. Believe me, you will autocombust from all the images and sound you will take in and your cock will be smoking from all the stroking.

Design & Features

Although the whole new concept of virtual reality sex can be a bit daunting in the beginning (or even just when hearing about it), you will quickly realize that there is nothing to be afraid of and everything to get excited about. The Virtual Real Gay website offers simple support directly from its welcome page and a great FAQ page that will quickly put your mind at ease. You will quickly understand how this great new technology works and, after you will have tried it, you won’t be able to get enough of these super features. The design of the site is sleek and straight-forward. You won’t have any problems navigating it and finding all the great stuff it has to offer. One of my favorite features is the fact that you can download exclusive VR (virtual reality) gay porn for your smartphone, Gear VR and Oculus Rift. With the head tracking feature, you’ll get to oogle the best bodies just by moving your head in different directions with your headset. The binaural sound offers an extra layer of realism since you’ll get extra immersion into the action with the 360-degree pure sound. Also, since the videos are created especially for this exceptional 180-degree stereoscopic 3D experience, you will totally feel like you are right there. Last but not least, you will want to read the blog that the site offers and contribute to it yourself. It is a great way to create interaction with the site’s creators and developers as well and getting in touch with other porn enthousiasts who are discovering this new technology as we all are.

Guys & Videos

As soon as you check out the guys on Virtual Real Gay, your heart will start racing and your cock will start knocking at the door of your shorts, screaming to get out. These are some of the hottest men you will have seen. First, you will want to taste hunky and hairy Antonio Miracle’s beautiful cock and slip in into your willing mouth, just like gorgeous Mario Domenech does. If that doesn’t make you blow a load quickly, you’ll want to ride Antonio’s hard rod just like Mario does. When you see the foreskin of sexy Lollipop Boy Izan Loren, you will wish that was your hand stroking his hardening cock and you’ll fantasize about slipping your tongue under that foreskin to swab that swelling cock head. After you have been with Izan, go check out Agency Boy Andrea Suárez going down on Mark Sanz, making him shoot a hot load of white gold before mounting that insatiable cock and riding it for all it is worth. And believe me, it is worth a LOT! If you still haven’t had enough, you will want to check out the amazingly hot Juan Lucho and watch him jack his awe-inspiring pole while staring you straight in the eyes. Will you be able to resist that steamy look? I can’t imagine how you will resist these great videos but you should know that Virtual Real Gay is just getting off the ground and this is a great way for you to get in right from the start so you can later say, “I was there when this great stuff started!” Oh and if you are bi or bi-curious, you will be happy to know that, through Virtual Real Gay, you can also access some amazing straight porn, too. A beautiful array of hot girls riding hard knobs that would make any gay guy stand up and take notice… including that hunk Juan Lucho’s! So I guess he’s into guys and girls, too. Believe me, you won’t want to miss that beautiful piece of hard meat slipping in and out of a hot pussy… even if you aren’t into that sorta thing. And if you are really not, hey! You’ll have plenty to sink your teeth into on the gay site! That’s why we are here, right?

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Virtual Real Gay Reviews
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