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The DirtyDoctor is always practicing. According to the story of this fictional doctor, he chose this job to get access to pussies all day. It’s quite certain that if these situations were real, 90% of the male population would be a doctor. This fantasy porn site has a neat compilation of hardcore videos, and it’s not just about quantity, but the quality is also something to be mentioned. If you like hardcore sex you will like the bonuses too. Since the DirtyDoctor is a member of the outstanding network of the TeenMegaWorld, you get a full network-wide access as soon as you become a member. The main hub of the network is where you get after joining, and you can browse all 6000+ scenes of the 1100+ different models.

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Design & Features

The tour on the DirtyDoctor is utterly quick. It’s quite enough though to make you want to see more of these videos. Throughout the tour page you can see lots of large and high quality thumbnails. These sharp pictures represent the actual video quality you may get inside, so they are real teasers. Each piece of the list has a description too. You can’t do much in tour mode, but the things you get access to should prove to be satisfying enough. When you log in, you will land on the main hub of the TeenMegaWorld, and you will find it to be very good. There are various options for you to browse through the site’s content and through the whole network. The top of the site features the network statistics, and under that you can see the main menu. For navigation, the site offers a search engine, and you can also access an advanced search page. You can browse by the models’ name, or pick a keyword from the tags’ list and see if how many videos feature that niche.

The in-browser viewing of the videos will be fully satisfying. The quality is very good, and the playback is smooth. The stream is in FLV format, though it surely won’t cause any problems for a modern machine. Depending on the length of the scene, you may expect some buffering, but not in the annoying way. When it comes to downloads, the site offers you a whole bunch of options. You can select from multiple qualities, ranging from 1080p to 240p. Along with the quality you may choose a format: for higher definitions WMV files are granted, for normal and low resolution you can get FLV, MKV, and mobile-ready MP4 files. Each video has a photo gallery, which worth to look at. You will certainly find them to be satisfying and hot. They are rather sharp shots, and not just vidcaps. Online and offline (zip files) options are both granted. The inner section of the DirtyDoctor is mobile-ready, and though you may run into TeenMegaWorld tour sites which are not optimized, as soon as you log in, you get to an optimized interface.

Girls & Videos

It’s quite certain that you’re going to blow you mind when you see the cuties that this perverted doctor fucks. They are all astonishing European cuties, and most of them are still under twenty; you know what that means. Every pussy here is fresh and tight, and though none of the models is amateur, you will certainly see that right away; and if you are a fan of European girls of this age-range you probably saw some of them, if not on this site, than on one of the network pages. So, these hotties are girls you must see. These are natural chicks, but don’t worry, you won’t find here only perky tits; some really hot and juicy bigger natural breasts also appear. The girls are generally looking great, and it’s a joy to look upon them. They have nicely shaped legs, and you ought to find here some amazing asses. All models are Caucasians, and there aren’t ethnicities present here. You might find some Asians and Latina-like girls on the network sites.

All movies of the DirtyDoctor are scripted and staged. Don’t get the wrong impression, it’s not reality porn, and it’s certainly not real footage from a real doctor’s office. The niche of the site is fantasy porn, and those guys who play the doctor are professionals, just as the girls. They together will make your fantasies coming to life on the screen. Usually the story is the same: the girls go their doctor for a routine examination. They get naked, and most of the times the doctor is peeking (that dirty pig) as they drop their clothes off. When they are ready, they get into the chair, and the doc mostly uses something to stretch those pussies. Now it’s quite certain that the stretcher he uses is not the standard. After they play the examination gimmick, the real fun begins.

For various reasons the girls sometimes asked to suck the cock of the doctor, though in many cases he simply get turned by the look of those amazing pussies, and he can’t wait to get in there. Though the setup is usually the same, the sex in the videos is pretty varied. They practically fuck all over the place. You can see here some twisted positions that just fit the nasty nature of the videos really well. Those who like to watch seemingly innocent situations turning into nasty hardcore (and because of the age-gap heavy hardcore) sex, will certainly like the collection of the DirtyDoctor.

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