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As far as sexy men go, it is difficult to find a sensual site, or a site that has some different content, for that matter, something different from all the usual fucking and screaming, sucking and facials. Well, pexual is a site like that, filled to the top with videos that you would not expect, but once you read the name again, you might guess that it has to do with male nipples being squeezed to an orgasmic ending.

Design & Features

Black and grey is the name of the game, the game being the design, one that is manly and appears to hold its own, even if the buttons and font color is purple. The submissive part of the design is that very purple, set against the rugged black and grey colors which should represent manliness. Well, once you get to the videos, you do realize that the manly men can be very meek, especially when they are satisfied in such a way, one that they surely have not experienced before. Sorting options will help you get your way around, making the surfing of the site a pleasure by itself, enabling you to find the video you like the most in a matter of seconds. When it comes to seconds, that is the amount of time that it takes you to go through the entire site, and I mean that in the best possible way, as there is no lag whatsoever, on whatever version of the site, including the mobile ones, of course.

Men & Videos

Sexy, strong men, ones that go to the gym very often, so often, in fact, that they resemble body builders. Yet, they sit still on a chair, touching their own nipples, squeezing them, gently caressing them, a pleasure that is rarely seen or experienced, which is confirmed by their ever rising dicks. See the white boys sit in the chair, their nipples being massaged by a mysterious pair of arms, coming somewhere from the back, driving them crazy. See the black boys sit still while a ring vibrator is around their huge dicks, and they are squeezing their own nipples. The manly boys become meek and submissive, right where we want them. Then they start begging for the tantalizing pleasure to come to a climax, something that indeed does happen, though not as soon as they would prefer. Always resulting in an exploding ending, the orgasms of these strong men are as huge as they are, loaded with cum that sprays everywhere around them.

I bet some of you would love to be those mysterious hands, ordering the men around with your sensitive touch, before you squeeze the living pleasure out of their nipples, straight into their cocks, and then blowing them up in a matter of seconds, once you are through with the seduction. One thing is for sure, with high-quality videos, the muscles and nipples come alive, along with the orgasms, as the site deliver such amazing content, updated on quite a regular basis. The membership perks include a few extra touches here and there, some of which will excite you like the very scenes of the burly dudes enduring such pleasurable activities. If you are into manly men, the sporty jock types, the ones with huge arms and ripped abdominals, you should definitely check out pexual, especially if you would love to see them at the mercy of a voice ordering them to squeeze and touch their own nipples. The site has been closed, check NakedSword for more gay premium porn videos.

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