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Ever dreamed of having sex with Jean, the psychic redhead? Or how about that luscious black beauty heroine who can put the best meteorologists to waste? My personal dream girl? Luke’s sister Leia. Man, that white bodysuit of hers makes me forget her buns hairstyle. Yes, call me twisted, but while doing that I’d want to put on a Darth Vader costume and bang her if you know what I mean? That’s the stuff.

However, that’s not what usually happens in real life, is it? Not unless I find an equally nerdy (yet extremely sexy) girl like me, and have the extra cash to spare to spend on those ridiculously expensive costumes (yes, I had the black caped costume made last Halloween, but I wasn’t able to secure a mask so everyone thought I was Batman), I’d never get to experience that kind of sex, especially when it’s not the Halloween season. Porn’s not even helping. Yes, there are a lot of porn sites but there are only a few of these that can actually satisfy a nerd like me. If you have the same thinking and taste as mine, then you can totally relate when I say that there are not just enough geeky porn sites out there to keep us all nerds happy.

The closest popular porn genre would be Japanese porn. Japan is certainly the dream destination for nerds, because that’s where anime and manga were born. My favourite anime characters? The redhead Asuka, and the blue-haired girl Rei. Like my beloved Leia, Rei is also donning a white bodysuit. You can see where I’m going with this, right? If you are guessing that I have found a Japanese porn site to review today, then you are only partly correct. While yes, I HAVE found a Japanese porn site, but that doesn’t stop there! I have actually stumbled upon a rare find in the vast world of the World Wide Web. We have discovered a cosplay porn site. No, you are not dreaming my brother. That’s what I told myself too. I had to pinch myself a couple of times to remind me that I’m not just spacing out (again).

The porn site’s name is JCosplay. Pretty simple, don’t you think? But don’t think that the content is somewhere even near “simple” or “ordinary”. And you will learn how special this porn site is in this short review. If you would want to also explore this porn site on your own, though, then you would need to sign up for membership because just like any other premium porn site, JCosplay requires a paid membership for one to access the porn site fully. But don’t worry, the sign-up procedure is simple, and the amount of their membership plans are very affordable given the quality of porn enjoyment that the porn site will be able to give you.

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Design & Features

This lovely adult themed porn site that we are reviewing right now has quite a delightful bunch of people behind it, laying out the ideas to formulate an excellent porn site that shall tastefully displays all our favourite Japanese themed cosplay fucking action. It is as if all the elements and features that are seen on this porn site are made not only to show us how erotic can cosplay fuck be, with the hottest Asian beauties that your eyes can manage, but most importantly impress us, brilliant nerds, and well, obviously porn lovers to further appreciate what this unique fetish does to our loins inside our pants, as well see what else it can offers us in macro perspective.

Just like what we have been repeatedly emphasizing in all of our previous porn site review, it is important that you are well acquainted or at least familiar with every bit of detail of every porn site, so that you may have a holistic viewing experience upon every premium porn site that you chance upon to relish your sexual drive and your other senses for that matter.

Girls & Videos

Of course, the ladies here are all Japanese. After all, it’s an all-Japanese porn site. And that’s fine by me. Asian chicks, especially Japanese ones, rock. Those who don’t admire Eastern chicks are missing out on a LOT. In my opinion, some of the most beautiful porn stars are Japanese women. Look at them! They are sexy, dreamy, and their bodies look like sculpted porcelain.

And to take it even further, because this is a cosplay site, you can expect the ladies to be clothed as your favourite heroines from different media: anime, comics, manga, even video games! If you have a particular character in mind, then you may simply look for her amongst the site’s content. Chances are, if the character’s pretty popular, she will be there, you can count on that. Finally, what I love about this porn site is that the videos are also shot in a Japanese manner. If you have been watching Western and Eastern porn for quite a while now, you will easily notice the main difference of the two.

Well, what else can I say? Aside from, what are you still doing here, you nerd! Go and explore the site. Enjoy what it has to offer because I assure you, this porn site is a rare find. You won’t find a porn site this great and interesting anywhere else, and even if you find one (please promise to share it with us as well), I bet it’s not as affordable as JCosplay. And besides, why would you even think of searching for something else if this porn site’s already here? Just a few clicks away.

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