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The JSchoolGirls is an installment from the folks who run the AllJapanesePass network. On this website, you can enjoy hardcore, and sometimes heavy hardcore porn videos of gorgeous Japanese girls, wearing uniform. It’s quite certain that when you hear or read about Japanese cuties a picture of a fresh, barely adult cutie appears in your mind, who wears a short skirt and a tight shirt. Those who like to use their fantasy may go a bit further, and take off the clothes of that girl and fuck her right. This is what this site can offer; it can be considered either cosplay or fantasy-porn. When you join the JSchoolgirls, you also join the AllJapanesePass network. This membership grants you access to all sites of this great network, and if you like to watch hardcore porn with cute Japanese AV Idols, you will surely appreciate it. As you will there are other fantasy and niche-driven websites in the network, and probably all important niches are covered in the videos. There are daily updates throughout the network. The JSchoolgirls has a collection of more than 800 porn videos. These are rather long flicks, their average length is about 20 minutes. Among the AllJapanesePass pages, this one is one of the most frequently updated, there are usually 3-4 occasions weekly.

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Design & Features

The home page of the JSchoolgirls is just as cute as the girls in the videos. There is a black frame around the site, but the list of the content is bright, and the thumbnails bring lots of colors onto the site. The tour itself is pretty quick, because your only option is to read the description and take a good look on the provided thumbnails. There are lots of pictures listed, so the insight is really provided. As you browse through the tour pages, it’s quite certain that you can gather enough information about the content. When you get inside, you will see a different looking and bit more complex website. The videos of the site, and of the network are all carefully tagged: there are categories and keywords (niches) tags. Probably the easiest way to find videos that feature things you are interested in is to type the keywords in the search bar on the top, and see what it can dig up. However if you open a video and click on any of the tags, you can list all videos of that niche. The main menu can help you list the videos and the included sites. You can also open the favorites’ library, where you will find the videos you favored. All movies of the site are available in online formats. There is a Flash video stream that you can access from your browser, by using the embedded player. MP4 files are offered for download. Depending on the original video, you can save SD or some HD flicks too. The AllJapanesePass has a nicely working mobile interface, which makes you capable to watch all movies from your tablet or even your smart phone.

Girls & Videos

So, you are looking for hot and fresh chicks, don’t you? Well, if that’s the case you are at the right place… especially if you are a man who seeks Japanese fresh girls in hardcore porn videos. The JSchoolGirls is the best place to start exploring the world of adult videos, and if you have crush for Japanese women, you might find this collection quite astonishing. These AV Idols are amazing, and they are not just beautiful, but they have that kinky aura which makes the Japanese girls so tempting for the men of the West. There are natural shapes all around, but as you dig deeper into the models’ database, you can find many AV Idols who have some breast upgrade. However, they have delicate breasts, so you can rest assured, you won’t see here bouncing fake breast-balls. In fact, the fake tits are hard to recognize, because they look natural, and make the girls much more decorative. It seems that the Japanese are hardly aging indeed, their nice faces are good to look at, and as they moan and scream while they have kinky sex with different guys it’s just music for the ears. Those who like to watch hardcore porn, will certainly enjoy watching these girls and their nasty videos. You probably already heard that the Japanese are doing some things differently, and they are not ashamed of the kinky elements in sex. Since these videos come from DVDs which were shot of inland publishing only, you can enjoy here some pretty nasty, and quite weird things. The scenes on the site are quite long, and they cover all popular hardcore niches, including, but not limited to, anal sex, double penetration, threesomes and group sex, sex-toy insertions, lesbian sex. Apart from the regular hardcore elements, there isn’t on video which doesn’t feature something kinky. There are different stimulation techniques in use (even electrocuting), the ever-famous Japanese niche of bukkake is also covered. You can enjoy here public sex, nipple-twisting, foot-jobs. Several fetishes also happen here, like milking, cosplay, CFNM, and a lot more. Since the videos go on for more than 25 minutes usually, it’s quite certain that you will spend many hours and days with exploring the full compilation, and it’s worth it. Don’t forget the network access, because it’s one of the major features of the site. Due to the regular updates, the videos’ count grow steadily, and it seems that the quality also increased a lot with the last videos, so you may expect some HD files arriving soon.

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