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Hustler is a website from one of the most well-known porn magazines entitled Hustler Magazine. The website features a wide range of videos, with many different types to choose from. There is no one theme that correlates between the porn videos and this is a good thing. With close to 10,000 videos to choose from, there’s no doubt that this site will have something to your liking; whether that is pussy licking, dick sucking, or reverse cowgirl, you will find something to get your member standing at attention. The quality is of high esteem throughout all of their platforms, be it porn videos, photos, or their ever-popular magazine. It is what you would expect from a professionally run porn site.

The porn videos are not shot in some trashy motel, rather it is shot at different locations, differing from outside by the pool, or even in a bedroom. Wherever they are shot, the videos feature premium resolution and tight shots into those tight wet pussies we all want to see. Of course, you are required to pay the membership fee, but think about it. Which would you rather have? Well put together porn videos, featuring women of pure sexiness, and without putting your computer at risks for viruses. Or some amateurish sex video that is only seconds long, can be average looking people getting it on in a boring missionary position, and added risks of viruses because of the unknown feed its coming from? I think I’d rather choose the minimal fee to get turned on properly.

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Design & Features

The webpage itself has a very simple design to it. The black and white background adds to the beautiful women they feature on the first page. You are tempted by enticing, video stills of medium–sized breast hovering over her partner, as she rides his cock. Or it could be a video still of a woman eating another women’s pussy, with one woman holding the other girls with one head as her face is buried into her pussy and with the other caressing her big, heavy breasts. For the most part, many of the girls featured on the front page are Caucasian, but don’t let that fool you. There are wide varieties of races and shapes; perky tits to big, fake knockers. If you are into bigger proportioned women, this isn’t the site for you. What you will see on hustler are natural boobs, well-toned waists, or slim, slender and very real girls. Hustler realizes that the same things do not turn everyone on.

So, they have created 17 niche websites to tailor to a man or women’s fantasies, or possibly discover some they didn’t even know they enjoyed. One site features concentrates on anal sex, while another is directed towards a person who enjoys everything taboo. Of course, the more popular lesbian niche website is an option. However, if you enjoy watching parodies and naked women, this could be the website for you. Besides having niche websites and a magazine, Hustler also sells sex toys. Anything from a vibrator or a man’s pussy pocket can be found within this store, both online and in stores. It’s your standard sex selling website, but it is not cheaply made. Beautiful models are featured on the pages, displaying a toy or even touting some lingerie. There blog is also featured on the Hustler Store website. It features suggestions of things to try sexually and interesting tidbits such as the history of the clitoris.

Girls & Videos

The videos features famous porn stars such as Asa Akira, Misty Stone, and Sasha Grey. The great thing about Hustler is the different woman they feature in each video. Yes, the majority are still Caucasian, but that is what sells, isn’t it? But a diverse casting of girls is still readily available for your viewing pleasure. You will see more women who have not had any augmentations done throughout the videos. Sure, they are some fake boobs peering a little more than we would like. Yet, there are woman who have very natural looks, but the most defined and chiseled features. Big boobs can’t replace natural beauty and that is what hustler offers in their videos, unless you are looking for big boobs. In that case, have at it. They are there for you. Society has taken a curvy turn regarding what is expected of a woman and man’s body.

Curves are back in and this curvy movement has touched down in the porn world as well. The women considered to be fat and have an enormous ass would be highly praised on a porn site, especially if she can make that enormous ass do tricks. While you won’t find the complete shebang of a bigger woman within the depths of this website, you will see woman with wider, bigger hips, and asses that bounce when they ride a cock. The videos show woman climaxing to amazing orgasms, ones that appear to be genuine. Deep-throat action and close up views of the cock jabbing the pussy are shown with little to no movement of the camera. Don’t you hate when the camera bounces as the sex becomes more intense? It can make you dizzy and lose the affect of the desired turned on state you want to reach.

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