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Have you ever played an outdoor sex game? Maybe, maybe not, but you must have heard about outdoor sex games when you were in your formative years, at a time when you were in the final stages and were gearing up to decide on what to do for your future. That’s when you tend to relax and take life a little easy, for you know that there is a grueling time ahead of you. Indulging in sex games is a very natural thing, and when it comes to outdoor sex games, it is thrilling. You seem to get nostalgic and are longing to get back to the time when you were the most sought after stud by the girls of your institution. You were the reigning king of the sex games and that gave you the added responsibility to come up with something innovative.

Such sex games not only made your life interesting but also gave you a chance to explore your sexuality and indulge in something that gave you a sexual kick. If you want to re-live those golden years, you should subscribe to CollegeRules. CollegeRules is a site that features some of the most amazing videos submitted by the registered users. In full HD quality, these videos will take you back to the era when you were the reigning stud in your formative years. You were always surrounded by a bevy of the sexiest sluts who would strip naked to get a taste of your cock. CollegeRules has tons of realistic amateur porn scenes that can put any amateur porn site to shame. Having sluts who are so sexy and confident in fucking and getting fucked, you will never have enough of watching these videos.

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Design & Features

The hallmark of being great is to be simple. And that’s what CollegeRules has adopted. A simple and minimalistic design has been used to create this site. Without a lot of animations and graphics, the site has elegance, professionalism and gracefulness in its design. All the right colours have been chosen to create the site. The header is black in colour while the body of the site is light grey. The black header looks like a blackboard because the logo, CollegeRules, written in chalk, is placed at the left corner. In keeping the simplicity of aspect intact, there are only three tabs. One for Latest videos, one for Popular videos and one for Join Now. The tabs have a grey background, differentiating them from the body of the site. Above the tabs, there are a couple of links for joining and member login.

On the light grey coloured body of the site, all video thumbnails are seen. The thumbnails blend very well into the background, while retaining their distinctive place in the grid of videos. The latest and popular videos have 64 and 80 videos each in this grid format, and you can easily scroll down to see what is available. The thumbnails are large, and you can clearly see even the minutest of details on these thumbnails. Though these can lead you to their respective trailers, you need to register to watch these videos. Only the first few thumbnails in the Latest videos section can be checked out via trailers. This may not be the appropriate time to discuss affordability, but we will still do it because we have already broached the registration part. You can check out the trailers by registering for a one-day trial membership pack. After the expiration of this pack, you can either opt for a monthly plan or an annual plan. Annual plans are best and will give you deep discounts as compared to monthly plans. Having describe the features of this site, let us now turn our attention to the more interesting part of the review, the girls and videos.

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Girls & Videos

Let us start with the videos on this site. The videos are given a simple but exciting title. Below the title, the duration of the scene, the number of views and the number of stars are mentioned. I wasn’t surprised when I saw all the videos in the Latest and Popular categories being given five-star ratings. This indicates that whoever has watched these videos have liked it very much. The videos vary in duration from twenty minutes to about an hour or so. That’s quite a lot of sex. Let us check out the girls on this site. No porn stars, and all the chicks you see are the ones that we see in our everyday lives. They are with us all the time, in the cafeteria, by the poolside, in the restaurant, in a public transport, and even our neighborhood. When you have such natural and genuine sluts to jerk-off to, do you need pornstars?

Let me devote some time to explain these sluts. They have a beautiful, a trimmed or clean-shaven pussy that has been sculpted and maintained with utmost care, a body whose curves are emphasized significantly at the right places, an ass that is as soft as a pillow and breasts that you would want to fondle and play with, and nipples that need in your warm mouth. The sluts are kinky, and are eager to experiment in many ways. The sex is also very diverse with orgies, couple sex, lesbian sex, gangbangs and threesomes thrown in with equal measures. You will find sex in the bathroom, bedroom, on the sofa, in the car, in the backyard, by the poolside, during a sports game or even sex games. I found a few excellent sex games shown on CollegeRules, such as Truth or Fuck, Spin the Bottle Orgy and Strip Dodgeball. These sex games elevate the porn experience significantly and allows you to feel one with the sluts in the videos.

There was one sex video I liked a lot and this is Slosh Ball. Well, this is like playing strip dodgeball, but with a slight twist. Slosh Ball is played outdoors, with plenty of water in the field. As usual, there are two teams, each consisting of guys and girls. They take turns to throw a ball at each other. They must dodge the throws. If they catch the ball or if they don’t dodge on time, they must strip. When all the guys and girls have stripped, they end up in a crazy sex orgy in the middle of the play field. Everything is so natural in this video that I wanted to be an active participant in the slosh ball game too.

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There was not a single moment I did not enjoy when I was watching these thumbnails. The genuine sex between the guy and slut, the natural bodies of these sirens, the joyful abandon with which they stripped naked and enjoying getting fucked. When the subscription is low and there is immense enjoyment that one can get by watching these videos, why go elsewhere? That’s it, I am sure you have made up your mind and you will subscribe to this site. So, get ahead and fuck your girlfriend, watching porn on CollegeRules.

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