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Guys can be sweet; very, very sweet when their chicks give them all the love and attention, and of course, all the hardcore fucking too; but when you cheat on them with whomever, when you deny them their rights, when the relationship or marriage end up in a break up owing to the lady’s infidelity, be sure to see some heart-wrenching revenge that would shatter lives and cause monumental damages. It is these types of revenge on cheating wives and girlfriends that ExHacked presents to us. With the hope that lessons are learnt, that girls understand that guys would not go down without a fight; but do they learn? No! Every week, ExHacked is updated with loads and loads of new ex-girlfriend leaked sex tapes, many revenge sex tapes, and daring cheating videos like never seen before. Heartbroken cuckold boyfriends still bitter and furious are the source of these most embarrassing videos exposing their one-time lovers for the whole world to see how naughty they are; webcam videos, chats, and pictures revealing the cheating natures of these naughty girls; and so many leaked tapes hacked from their smart phones, PCs, and laptops that finally proves how wayward these ladies have been. It’s a whole site strictly dedicated to exposing all these ex-lovers, getting revenge, and having fun at it while it lasts. ExHacked is a massive archive featuring only the most scandalous and most thrilling ex-girlfriends’ naughty videos; party orgies, threesomes, amateur porn, real swingers, and revenge porn pics. You’ll also get to see cheating girls exposed on Facebook, on Snapchat, Instagram, and other such networking sites. It’s a colossal trove of the most unbelievable ‘caught in the act’ sex scenes you can think of; girls fucking their boyfriend’s father and brother at the same time; chicks getting hardcore sex from male strippers in the absence of their own dudes; cheating housewives fucking the gigolo next door; badass, cheating interracial with huge black cocks fucking; gay and lesbian cheating sex tapes, and so much more. The ex-lover boyfriends and husbands of these ladies are really angry, so furious with them, they are ready to share the most intimate sex acts they can lay their hands on; some go as far as hiring expert computer hackers to get into the memory drives of these ladies and pick out the baddest pictures and videos they can find. These materials are then leaked on ExHacked for the whole world to see how naughty their partners had been all the while. It’s a site dedicated to exposing unfaithful wives, estranged lovers, and private homemade sex shows carefully concealed and hidden away all the while. The videos on ExHacked are 100% real, user-generated, and full of messy, scandalous affairs that are best imagined than seen. Indeed, the things that ladies do in the secrecy of their rooms is unbelievable; only a site with the guts and technical advancement like ExHacked can go so far as revealing all these shenanigans and unfaithfulness for the world to see and learn from. The videos are full of sex scandals like no other ever seen before.

Design & Features

ExHacked is majorly user-generated. Everything you see on the site, right from the homepage to the very last page is submitted by one estranged lover or husband who is bitter and has sworn to go all out and take revenge. Its tit for tat, eventually. You don’t just get to watch all these videos online only, you can as well download as many as you want once you are a subscribed member. The video downloads are easy, fast, and complete at all times. They are also light enough so as not to take too much space on your drive. Also, all videos on ExHacked have been modified and adapted to play with any video player you have; HD, MP4, etc. This is easy because every video submitted is formatted and upgraded to the latest and most acceptable standards in the movie world, ensuring that you get crisp, clear, and vivid images only. You can also watch these videos on your smartphone, whether it runs on Android or iOS or Windows, you have got nothing to worry about; the experts that built ExHacked have taken care of the needs of everyone. And to ensure that you would have no issues using this site, there is a 24/7 dedicated customer support channel where you can talk to someone to help you resolve any problems at all.

Girls & Videos

The videos on ExHacked are clean and vivid enough to show you all the mad sex acts these girls engage in before they were leaked. They are absolutely real and raw; no directing, no scripts; just spontaneous videos recorded at the height of passion by these ladies. Now, they have become monumental scandals of immense proportions. The girls involved have had it coming; all the while hiding and cheating, making a fool out of their dudes, making them look and feel stupid. Now, it’s their turn to taste a dose of their own medicines as the videos are viewed by their friends and families, as well as millions of raw sex tapes videos lovers worldwide. It’s indeed revenge time. Some of the ladies are innocent looking fresh chicks, incredibly wayward than they look; others are moms and MILFs who abandon their offspring and husbands in search of hardcore sexual pleasure from male strippers and neighborhood gigolos. True, they’ve had fun while it lasted; but now it’s payback time; full revenge from the men. ExHacked features only the best, most scandalous leaked sex tapes crawling the internet; it shows fresh chicks, MILFs and more, getting banged and recorded in the most scandalous manner. Now the world know who these ladies truly are. ExHacked has done a great job exposing all these mess; it’s your turn to get subscribed and become a member of the house so you can watch and learn too.

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