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Do you know what DP stands for? What if I gave you a hint? What if I said “double trouble”? Would you think about double penetration? Yup, that is right. DP stands for Double Penetration and Boys DP is a site all about double penetration. Twinks and Freshmen in endless videos of double penetration action. The slogan for this site is “One cock is never enough” and you can be sure that there is plenty of action to go around. Of course, we are talking here about double anal penetration but also double oral penetration… so each of these scenes, movies or videos always involves (at least) a threesome since two cocks need to enter a third guy for it to be called a DP, right? This exciting, original, hard core fuck fest website definitely does the trick when it comes to showing us some high quality close ups of cocks and more cocks pummeling some (rarely) un-suspecting (and most times very willing) mouths and ass holes.

Design & Features

The design of the Boys DP website has an edgy, graffiti type look that is fitting when it comes to the cast of the videos you will find. And this site doesn’t beat around the bush (after all, this is gay sex, so no bush involved… pun intended!). The different movies available are clearly identified and some terrific blurbs will give you a chance to really get an idea of the story (or at least the content!) of each of these movies. Besides having access to the Boys DP website, when you register and become a member, you will get three bonus sites, including the very “niched” Fingering Boys where twinks and freshmen have fun fingering each other’s asses, with or without a vast array of gloves. Banged Boys and Milk Loaded Boys close out the quartet of sites. Once you see lads play around with milk (pouring it on each other, pumping it up each other’s ass and then spraying it out)… you will think… “hum… good thing they aren’t lactose-intolerant” One thing’s for sure, it can be very exciting for the curious and fans of wacky stuff we have never seen before. And nowadays, there isn’t much we haven’t seen, right?

Guys & Videos

This site is the quintessential example of the “average-guy” videos that are all the rage on the Internet. If you are sick of porn with guys that look like models, you will feel right at home here. These guys are ordinary “boys-next-door”, guys that seem to have been picked up off the street or who have wandered in from the street. As the site name indicates, we are not talking mature, adult males here. We are talking twinks and Freshman-age students. The videos are pretty straight-forward in the sense that they all are apparently filmed in the same room with a few elements of the décor being changed. In some of the scenes, it is clear that the guys have been at this before and have a certain level of experience. Anal penetration, single, let alone double, can be an exciting experience at first so to see some of these guys getting pummeled by two cocks at the same time is sort of an indication that it is not the first time they get it up the ass. Most of the scenes are bareback. You won’t see too many condoms in these videos. In some of the scenes, we see some very masculine, animalistic sex machines and in others, we see some twinky, lanky, effeminate boys who are clear bottoms. Some of the guys are clean-cut boys next door, some are tattooed and pierced hudlum types and others are more on the jock side. The guys on the site are almost all white but you will find a few exceptions. And since the site is constantly adding new guys, new videos, there will no doubt be more and more variety amongst the horny little bastards who are into DP. You will definitely want to come back week after week to meet the new meat… or should I say “sausage”. Some of the penises I got a chance to sample on this site are really totally delectable. They aren’t always one-hundred percent hard, but that is sometimes part of their charm. Some of the guys have full pubic hair, others are trimmed and others yet are completely shaved. One of the things that particularly makes me horny is when I see a guy getting fucked and the bounce of his ass makes his cock flop all over the place, slap against his pubis, his lover’s (or lovers’) lower belly (or bellies). Especially when the guys have tremendous balls and ball sacs that you would just want to feel bouncing around on your tongue, inside your mouth. I am also a big fan of foreskin and, in most of these videos, the guys have beautiful uncut cocks that you would wish you could put in your mouth and feel get harder, bigger, lusty and powerful. Have I made you lustful and curious? I certainly hope so! Boys DP is not the site for you if you are looking for romance and petting, but if you are looking for guys spreading their ass cheeks and butt holes for two big cocks at a time, if you are looking for a site where you will see plenty of guys taking two dicks in their mouth at the same time, you will definitely want to check out Boys DP. By hiting the landing page, you will check out the few trailers available and will quickly make up your mind whether to go ahead and become a member. My money is on a big resounding yes for that.

This site doesn’t exist anymore, check out our best gay porn sites collection.

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