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Attention all gay porn fans out there! We have discovered another new porn site today and that is what we are going to feature in this short porn review right now. We usually get pretty excited here at the office whenever we stumble upon high-quality gay porn sites because we believe that they are never enough. Don’t you think? There are surely a lot of porn sites out there targeted for straight men, but how about those who prefer gay porn? It could be pretty unfair. But you know what excites us more than a gay porn site? A specialty one. Gay porn is still a pretty much unexplored world.

It contains a lot of sub-genres and other sub niches that deserve some attention as well. Just the main genres alone are already very varied: bear, twink, and more! The porn site that we are going to feature today, though, as what we have mentioned above is a specialty one. It is not your regular twink site. It’s a porn site that offers hardcore twink porn. So be forewarned: there are a lot of intense porn scenes on this site, along with a lot of ropes and a lot of blindfolds! I know you are already itching to know which site we are going to feature in this review so let me introduce you to the site already. The title of the porn site is BoyNapped. And taking a cue from its name, most of the videos that you are going to see here have something to do with twinks that look like they were taken and then were made to orgasm using really drastic measures if you get what I’m saying. If you are into this type of porn videos, then you might want to sign up for premium membership.

You would not be able to access the videos if you are not registered as a member of the site. You don’t have any choice really but to sign up if you really want to see their videos because all of their content are exclusive to their channel so you won’t find these videos anywhere else. Don’t worry, the sign-up process is fairly simple. All you need to do is to provide your email, create a username and password, and that’s it! After that, you may already select the membership plan that you like. The choices are either a monthly plan or a three months plan. It is just up to you which plan you’d go for.

Good gay adult site if you like fresh guys.

Design & Features

One of the main features of the website design that we really enjoyed is the fact that it displays effectively the site’s content. A lot of porn sites are really focused on getting their content out there, because why not? It actually invites a lot of viewers to sign-up. However, along the way of packing the page with a lot of thumbnails and content, it would sometimes result in a very busy page that is not really very user-friendly. This would then defeat the purpose of the page altogether, right? However, BoyNapped is able to perfect the balance in the presentation of content.

The website designers have managed to feature all of their latest content effectively without creating a very busy page that would distract the viewer from focusing on the videos or scenes that he or she specifically likes. In this light, you are going to see a lot of video trailers and strategically placed thumbnails on the page. It is actually quite difficult to explain, so I’m just hoping that you are actually getting what I am talking about. If not, then you can take a look at the page yourself.

Guys & Videos

Hence, let me make this short and quick. Let us now head on to the real gem of this porn site: the content. The content of this porn site is created by using a certain formula. This was done by combining twinks with really creative yet super intense sexcapades. Like what we’ve said above, there would be a lot of ropes and blindfolds here. The twinks are all carefully selected to match the scenes as well. Let me just say that the twinks that you are going to see here are a bit different to the type of twinks that you might have been used to already. A lot of us think about really fresh dudes, all innocent looking, with that lean and lanky body of theirs. However, the twinks that you are going to see here on this site are not entirely innocent-looking.

A lot of them actually look pretty badass and independent, so to speak. The guys here look tougher than the regular twinks that you would see on other porn sites. I don’t know about you guys but that is actually okay by me. It gives them more character. It also matches a lot of the video themes and stories that you are going to find on the site. For instance, there were a number of videos where the twinks who were “boy napped” were actually resisting. How would you make this scene believable if the twink has but a mere body and slim frame? How? Of course, you can’t! Hence, the twinks that you are going to see here are a lot stronger-looking as opposed to the other cute twinks on porn.

By the way, before we end this review, I would also like to share that this porn site also releases full-length movies and DVDs. You would be able to find them on the site. If you would decide to sign-up for membership though then that would surely be better. All you need to do is download them. In fact, we even believe that premium members of the site get first dibs on the movies before their DVD counterpart are released!

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