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God created man and woman to be a part of a continuum. It was we who separated the both into different pigeon holes. Whoever said that loving whoever you choose is normal, hating gays is a lifestyle opinion was very right. With a backdrop of all the discussions regarding the LGBT community, there is one place where you can find ardent lovers of both kinds amiably respecting the choices. Man on man action, just like tastefully created straight porn is a big hit in today’s modern day porn but it would be wrong to say that it is a recent development. From when people got fascinated with the art that we call pornography today, there was a need and supply for such gay action too. It is perfectly normal to feel aroused by the titillation of the same sex and if the two people are as hot as they can get, there is certainly no doubt that lovers of gay porn are welcome in for a treat! The no nonsense design of the website adds to the high value of this locale called the beddable boys! There are no flowery words needed to positively ascertain all the jolly goodness crammed up in this average size porn site. Kudos to the mother network producers of the Gay Life network who take their job of catering to the inner fantasies of the human mind very seriously. Coming to this particular locale, it is under the broad heading, gay and can also be categorized as twink or amateur porn which special emphasis on particularly fresh boys from all over the world. Although their skin and body is definitely amateur looking, you shouldn’t even have the slightest doubts about their expertise in performing crazy sexual acts! There is one thing that binds them all and that is their love for the cock and are ever so eager to take a deep drilling in their asses. A few really impressive pointers make this website a one worth the subscription rates. Read the full review to find out why I strongly recommend the locale.

Excellent gay porn site for fresh guys.

Design & Features

In this age of porn where a new site is coming up every few days, it takes a lot of hard work to maintain standards and continue their dedicated viewership rates. Some very basic male colors like blue and white and black adorn the welcome page of the website and hats off to the designers to keep it plain and simple. The absence of colors surely is the last of my concerns and so will be yours once you look more at the efficiency with which they have placed the important attractions of the website right there blazing in front of your eyes. With Mark Pride and Christopher Robin looking sexily at the viewers with their green eyes and pink lips, they surely show the true impression of this amateur twink locale. Carefully placed icons and thumbnails of the few samples they give, it is not a cluttered site at all. The freshness of the faces is a refreshing change to the same old faces I saw elsewhere. Paging through the website is more a pleasure than anything else in the beginning with the subsequent pages cut the color code on the welcome page and replaces the blues with a gray scale tone. Thank god for the admins, I hate it when I have search too much for the latest additions in their video or picture gallery but like any good sex guide, the website is quite simply aimed to tickle you in the right places without tasking too much of your time or efforts. So, overall for the design and accessibility of the website, I give a high five to the locale. I think I have a little obsession for proper indexing of items and kind of dig for such orderliness. It was such a pleasure viewing through the lists because I could set my preferences in so many possible ways. It was seamlessly drawn like the strings of a necklace, the next picture only better than the previous one! What are the other reasons for my high recommendation? First of all, let’s discuss how you can opt for their subscriptions. Pay through your PayPal account, credit card or internet money, the site offers you effective and authentic gateways for payment. There are standard subscription plans for you to choose from and the presence of a seven day limited trial and a monthly and quarterly package at reasonable pricings, make this site any gay porn lover’s dream come true. I always look for a little extra freebie thrown at me whenever I buy a thing. Even with my subscriptions in porn locales, the bonus site offerings are an important thing that I look at. For over here, there are five extremely horny and sexy gay sites all at your disposal. For example, the twinky toons, best bareback, twinkyLicious and teach twinks paid sites under the Gay Life Network add on to the already scrumptiously tantalizing selection of vids and pics on this locale. There is no DRN limitation on your downloads and even when you click to view a scene there is no need of a password. What else does this locale offer you? Well, there are live feeds, an option to view your favorite porn in Dutch, Japanese and Tagalog scripts and hoards and hoards of cutesy pics to sate your senses!

Boys & Videos

The boys are the hottest selling feature on this website and are mostly white cute and fresh. They can be seen engaging in some nicely crafted and hell lot steamy sex scenes which count to more than 260 vids. Their content is all exclusive and in HD with a resolution of MP4, 5000k+ bitrate, 1920×1080 in the downloadable format or streamed online in the flash format (Flash; 852×480). The final verdict of Beddable Boys will be who needs men and girls both when only guys can turn up the heat so much? With all exclusive content including masturbation, one on ones, threesomes and toys are well arranged with other goodies like live feeds and bonus sites, this locale is definitely a must watch on my list of gay porn sites.

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Beddable Boys Reviews
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