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Porn is being revolutionized every single day. In the beginning, porn was only present in the form of drawn art and written stories. Then when the technology of cameras was introduced, porn was now present in the form of pictures and magazines. After that, we were able to watch live, moving persons on our TV screens via VHS tapes, CDs, and DVDs. But it had a very big drawback, because if you wanted to keep your viewing discreet, tapes and CDs pose a problem. They were just too bulky, and you can’t take them anywhere you want to go. But the greatest step in the history of porn would be computers and the internet. Now, porn has become more accessible to millions of enthusiasts all over the world. And even better, instead of looking at recorded videos of people doing it, you can now watch girls having sex or pleasuring themselves live on your monitor screen! And the best place to be able to see live web shows of girls drilling their pussies with a dildo, or with a fresh cock, is none other than xCams! On the website, you can literally see hundreds to thousands of girls getting all kinky and naughty in front of you, live. No scripts and no acting. Just pure, unadulterated webcam chats, live cams, and sex cams.

Design & Features

By far, xCams has the best user interface that I have ever seen on a live sex chat website. They have a simple design, yet the functionality is superb. You can see that the home page is riddled with so many girls which are online and available for a video sex chat. At the upper-left corner of the screen, you will be able to see the orientation of the females and models that are part of the xCams experience. And you will like what you will see, because you will realize that there are a lot of variety available on the website. May it be males, or females, or transgenders, they have it all on the website. On the other hand, at the upper right of the screen are all of the live web cam categories so that you can get to watch your preferred type of videos. They have a lot of categories on the website. From the gender of the model, to their orientation, up to their appearance and special features. You just choose what you want to see and their powerful search engine will match you up with the girl that perfectly suits your preference. Heck, they will even filter the men and women on the website up to their nationality. xCams has a lot of racial variety on their roster that you will think that it is the United freaking Nations of the live sex web chat world. You can also sort all of the live sex chats according to the top rated, the newest, and whoever connected last. Their website is really user-friendly, and I am sure that you will be able to have a pleasant time there. Furthermore, if you prefer watching your live sex chats on your mobile phone, then you will definitely fall in love with xCams because they are smartphone compatible. You can take them anywhere you want to go as long as you have an internet connection.

Girls & Videos

One of the best things about the girls on xCams is that there are literally hundreds to thousands of them! Every night you will be able to encounter that there are so many girls that are online and ready to please and soothe your hard and aching dick. You will have an absolutely hard time choosing which one to watch because they are so many and each and every one of them look absolutely gorgeous. They have very pretty faces. Their lashes are long, their eyebrows are fine and symmetrical, and their lips are so luscious that look so kissable. And that is only the beginning. As you look down to the rest of their body, your cock will immediately shoot up like a rocket that is headed for the moon. Their breasts are perfectly shaped and well-defined. They also have nipples that you would just love to nibble on. And their ass are so round that were just made to be spanked and spunked on. And their glorious pussies which are always wet and ready to be taken by a hard boner. So take your boner, and cum to your heart’s desire to the girls on Cam. Webcams haven’t always been the best in showing high-quality resolution videos. If you have done a video chat yourself, then you will know what I am talking about. Ordinarily, video chats are pixelated. But not on xCams. They use state of the art video cameras so that you may able to view every detail on bodies of the women there. In ordinary video chats, movements are slow and blurred. But on Cam, the movements are always fine and absolutely clear. You don’t have to worry also about freeze frames, because the sex shows on the website will play 100% of the time. Porn has truly evolved over the generations. It has been depicted in many forms, from drawing art to stories up to VHS and CDs and DVDs. But the most revolutionary form of porn exists in the present today: live video chats. And the best way to see girls getting naughty and kinky live on your monitor screens can only be found on xCams! xCams has so many beautiful girls that you will have a hard time to choose which one to watch. And 100% of the time you will be able to see every inch of their body. No pixelation is present whatsoever. So visit the website now, and empty the cum that is inside your balls.

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