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If you are an adult entertainment enthusiast, you might have watched tons of adult entertainment videos and you may have noticed that it’s becoming bland and repetitive. It involves heterosexual partners, and sometimes, depending on the category that you chose, you will be able to watch them having sex with multiple male or female partners. So, are there any other videos that you can watch that can bring the excitement back? Well, you might have heard of shemale porn, these involves transsexual models and they are the best of both worlds, they have curvy bodies and massive, perfectly shaped tits like that of a female and they also have long, hard cocks like that of males. This idea excites the audience, but a site named ThirdWorldShemales decided to add spice into it by featuring exotic Asian and Latin American shemale models. With all of that combined, you will certainly enjoy watching adult entertainment videos again.

Design & Features

ThirdWorldShemales is an adult entertainment site that features ladyboys from Asia, Latin America and the United States. The site has a simple light blue background that is almost transparent and all of the links to where you need to go is displayed at the homepage of the website so it would be easy for the members and the visitors to navigate. They offer a free tour for those who visit their site so that the visitors will have an idea on what the site is about and so that they can watch their sample videos. They also frequently update the site and, as of this month, they have about 368 models, 25,323 high-resolution photos and about 370 high definition videos. Each of their videos has a summary of the scene and it also comes with a gallery wherein you can view high-resolution pictures of the scenes.

The photos that are available for each video are about 50 to 100 pictures and they are all available for download, they also offer a ZIP file for your convenience, so that it would be easier for you to download and transfer such heavy images. As for their videos, all of them are of the highest quality, their scenes consists of different content such as cumshots, creampies, solo action, sex toys, threesomes, gangbangs, blowjobs, foot play and more. Their videos can also be downloaded; you can even change the format and transfer it to any device of your choice, they also give you an option to rate and comment on the videos that you liked. The site also has a customer support page wherein you can contact a customer support representative in an instance that you have any questions or concerns.

Girls & Videos

ThirdWorldShemales has about 368 models, most of them are from Asia and they came from countries like Thailand, Cambodia and India, there are also models that came from Latin America like Brazil and of course there are also American models. These women are beautiful, hot and they definitely know how to perform, their ethnicity gives them an exotic and unique feel that adds to their sexiness. As a member of the site you will have access to the profiles of the models, and you can even rate and comment on the videos that they starred in.

One of the favourites of the members is the model named Honey, she is a Thai ladyboy with black hair and a curvy body, and she has a doe-eyed beauty that will instantly catch your attention. Living up to her name, her cum is as sweet as honey, which is why even her male straight partner could not help but give her a blowjob and return the favour; they certainly enjoy sucking his cock and licking his tip just to get his juice. She loves to get her ass ready before getting pounded by playing with herself using her sex toys; she also loves to make her partners cum all over her face as she enjoys licking them and touching herself afterwards.

Another site favourite is a black haired lady boy named New, she has a very sultry feel into her and all throughout her scenes she gives the camera seductive smirks and sexy staring that will immediately make the viewer’s feel hot and bothered. One feature of New that the viewers and her partners love is her massive feet, because she uses them to massage the cock of her partners and to give them some foot action. New likes it raw when having sex, as she does not back down when it comes to anal sex, she takes everything in like a professional and she even let them cum inside her ass afterwards, so watching New’s scenes is definitely an experience worth having. These two lovely ladies are just some of the hundreds of shemales that are under ThirdWorldShemales and, once you become a member of the site, you will be able to learn more about their models and watch all of their videos.

When you watch shemale adult entertainment videos on the web, you might have noticed that most of the models are either American or European, and although they are just as gorgeous, hot and talented as the rest, it would not hurt to explore and look for something more fresh and unique. These lady boys do not need to communicate, they just have to show their perfectly implanted tits and they just have to whip their massive cocks out to get the party started. They love riding cocks, they love sucking them and they definitely love it raw, so if you are a fan of shemale videos and you are looking for something different and fresh, then this site is highly recommended for you.

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