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Sex is something that we all need. I am not using the word want here, but need, because it is important that we are sexually active for our physical and mental well-being. We all have sex and some of us masturbate too. Of course, there are varying degrees of our involvement with sex. But, no one can dent that the urge and the need is there. And when you do not have anyone special to have sex with, what do you end up doing? Like all normal people we head to the porn section, and more often than not we are hit with absolute disappointment, because the porn industry in our universe is very patriarchal.

Yes, it true, they make porn with just the men and their wants in their head. As a result we just made do with whatever we can get our hands on. Sure, there is a huge audience of this kind of visual and overtly sexual stuff. But we women, we like the idea of making love over the idea of just have mindless mechanical sex. And they indeed are two different things. We like romance, sensuality, crazy tender foreplay, even really BDSM foreplay, but which doesn’t look like it is so rehearsed that it seems fake. We like to watch things that not only arouse us, but also make us feel emotionally connected. It is about being able to get rid of our inhibitions, and loving made to do so, until we find the goddess within us and we dominate the scene.

It is a process that most people who make porn do not understand. That is where SsshAlumni steps in and blows your mind away. This is a very famous website, and it has even been featured on ABC’s Nightline. It is famous for making porn and erotica for women. And do they really understand our sensibilities? Yes, they do! Women run this porn site and they can’t possibly go wrong now, can they? This is definitely more than your average porn site, as they offer you not just videos and pictures but real life advice about your sexuality, your dating life, relationship advice, and a whole lot of other stuff. It is a huge community of women who are expressive about their sexuality and are willing to share their experience and expertise with you! Read on, to find out in depth what they have in store for you.

The finest porn site about erotic videos.

Design & Features

When you enter the page, you feel like you have been transported into a Jane Austen novel. It is vintage and it has the ability to make you feel really nostalgic. It’s a beautiful website, which looks like its right out of a vintage setting or maybe right off the cover of a romance novel. It’s the colors and the whole feel of the page along with the pictures. It depicts a very dreamy, and sensual image in your head. The colors used are mauve, light blue and off white.

It just brightens your mood and get you ready for the experience that you are about to have. The website is very well designed and organized. There is a picture of a blonde girl as soon as you enter the webpage, she looks right out of a romance themed movie in her pretty lacey slip. On the left, there is a welcome note of newbies and that space is also used for updates that the editors upload. Also, you will find a slideshow of images that is sure to turn you on. They have done a brilliant job with the website and they manage to hit all the notes.

Girls & Videos

It is absolute eye candy land for all the women as the line up of men and women that they have is truly astounding. There are sexy, sexy men, with amazing bodies, of different ages all to stimulate all of your darkest and kinkiest desires. The women too are some of the most beautiful you will ever see with stunning bodies. There is something for everyone out there. For those who really enjoy romance, love making and kink separately or combined together this is definitely the place to be.

All the content that is uploaded on this website, be it videos, images, or erotica are all women-centric, to stimulate your mind. They have a rating system, which they follow. The use ‘lips’ to indicate how kinky the video or erotica is going to be, so if you are in the mood to watch something really kinky you should definitely look for stuff with more than two lips at the very least. They even have audio books that you must check out. The voices on the audiobooks are deep and sexy, which are sure to give you goose bumps as soon as you hear the voices. And the stories are so, so kinky, enough to make you wet and want to pleasure yourself.

And since we are on the topic of masturbation, there is a get to know yourself section in the members area, where pleasuring yourself is the only topic floating around. So, there is a ton of stuff to read, talk about in the forum and of course to masturbate off to. There is also a lot of content for lesbians, with videos and erotica, made and written for them as well. There are a lot of areas within the website, which include articles on sexual wellness, general wellness, shopping, beauty, fitness and a lot of topics that affect women.

And if masturbating with your hand is something that you are bored of, then you can even discreetly buy yourself goodies online from this site. Yes, this is exactly how amazing this site is. There are over 200 videos to choose from to fulfill your self, most of which are in HD. There are tons of pictures as well, and if you download some of these pictures, they come with erotic stories attached to them as well. And the quality of these pictures is also really good.

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