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Masturbation is a way of life for some of us who have tight and busy schedules. During this not so odd ordeal, we most of the time turn to porn sites when it comes to bringing pleasure to ourselves. Sure, it might not be realistic but hey, if it gets me off, then why the heck should I not indulge in something that I do not have invest time and commitment to, right? Once in a while, men do like physical contact but also, once in a while, that gets overshadowed by plenty of reasons as to why engaging in porn is sometimes the smarter option. I am, in no way, patronizing digital pleasure because the real thing will always be the best but when things get a little dull, we always turn to the friend who is always there for us: porn sites.

I love dwelling in porn sites because when I see something I am very aroused with, I just whip up my dick and move to the magical moaning of the women on the other side of the screen. It does not require effort and commitment, plus I get to exercise my right hand, or my left sometimes. The thing is, the world is so absorbed with the digital ways that even pleasure could easily just fall into that category for no apparent reason. Of course, with the good, comes the bad. How many times have I ended up in the wrong side of the porn industry? Honestly, I lost track, because just as there are great porn sites, there are also some that are equally just as bad. So, for me and my dick, I usually make sure I get the right thing this time and when I want to be sure of my decisions, I often turn to Team Skeet.

If you are not familiar with Team Skeet, then you must have been living under a rock for all your life because Team Skeet is a great porn company, a well-known one to be exact, that gives their subscribers one heck of a ride when it comes to adult films. They are unique and they love to focus on the rarity of a certain porn site. They are one of a kind and without equal. One adult site that they have come up with is SelfDesire. Sure, it sounds solitary and sad but it is far from that: it is actually very great for those of you out there who like dwelling in the presence of women alone. Yeah, so what makes a solo woman in a porn video interesting, you ask? Well, when the woman is gorgeous and has a really hot banging body to flaunt, you do not ask questions, most especially when they whip up their pleasure toys and start playing themselves, and suddenly it makes sense.

SelfDesire is exactly this kind of site and the solo flight does not bother me at all, especially when these women get into action. They love to play with dildos, anal beads, vibrator, and all the toys you can imagine, they like shoving these inside their pussies and out again, then in again, until they cum from all the inanimate penetration happening. If that is not enough, they lick their fingers and they finger bang themselves to the point of no return. As they open their legs and talk dirty to the camera in front of them, which is really meant for the viewers, it is too late to turn back.

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Design & Features

The website design for SelfDesire is straightforward, smooth, and uncomplicated. In other words, it is easy as pie. Pink and white background looming at the back, accentuated by the dark fonts it possesses, as well as the purple borders it has, it is as girly as it sounds like. Only, it seems to adapt well to the theme and genre of the site. There is a lot to do in the site but before anything else, I will have you know that you will need to be a premium member before you get to access any of the features, the photos, or the videos.

Once you have fixed all of that, and you have opted for a membership, everything will fall in place and the navigation is adequately simple. Also, the interface is user-friendly. Currently, there are 40+ photo galleries present in the site, with an average of 80 photos inside. These are in hi res and they can be saved in your devices via zip files. There is a visible lack of browsing tools but when you familiarize yourself with the site, everything else comes easy. Take advantage of the model index found in the middle of the home page. This model index shows you the portraits of the respective girls, along with their names and their short biographies.

Beneath that you can click for their solo trailers and the photo sets and videos they star in. In that way, you will not be needing any browsing tools. If you wish to move back and forth the batches of ladies, just click on the pagination link found at the bottom of the model index. A little more to the bottom, you will see newly uploaded videos complete with names of the models, and a time stamp for how long each video lasts. Keep in mind that along with your membership, you get free bonus sites under the same network.

Girls & Videos

The videos for SelfDesire are self-explanatory and the girls that star in them are too beautiful for words. All I want you to know is that they are lavish, dazzling, delightful, lovely, and they certainly know how to keep men satisfied even when they like doing it with themselves. All scenes can be downloaded in MP4, WMV, or MPEG formats. It can also be viewed via streaming in your browser with the presence of a Flash player. The resolutions available are at 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720.

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Self Desire Reviews
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