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Sometimes it’s a guessing game as to what a site is going to be about. This one is kind of 50‐50 as to whether or not it’s going to be all about picking up girls in public. Yes, that’s what it’s about but this site goes so much further with that title. You see, this is about picking up girls in Czechoslovakia. Thus it is very easy to pick and choose whatever girl floats your boat and take her to a hotel room to have your way with her, as long as you have put up some form of bribery (such as money). Apparently just a few bucks will do it too, thus this site is having a lot of fun doing this, however there are no hotel rooms involved, all this has to happen publicly.

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After you sign the agreement that you won’t expose this material to people who are not adults and that you yourself are indeed a consenting adult, you’ll be let into the site. However, just before you do so, you might notice WRAAC, ICRA, ASACP and RTA at the bottom of that page and wonder what in the world that is relating to? Well, it relates to the fact that this site truly cares about what different age people are going to see online, and they have gone out of their way to advertise that fact which we thought was very nice of them indeed. As to what they all mean, well the first WRAAC is actually parental software that parents can install on their computers in order to make sure the people who are not adults do not indulge in visiting sites that are strictly for adults. WRAAC stands for Website Rating and Advisory Council and what they have done was to not only create a Parental Control Bar but they have also offered it for free via simple downloads that parents can do on their own computers to regulate what others are seeing on computers. They have utilized the ICRA’s (Internet Content Rating Association) findings who have created special labeling principles in order to fully support that parental software. RTA is an acronym for Restricted To Adults. Apparently those who promulgate Public Pickups believe very strongly in restricting such sites directly for adults only, and for that we applaud them. So once inside you will definitely see what picking up girls on the street can bring to the normal horny male. The answer is of course plenty of sex! As mentioned they do not take these girls to hotel rooms at all, but instead use parks, go behind buildings and trucks, fuck inside their own van, or even fuck in public bathrooms all in the name of doing “it” publicly. One of the things that most guys really get off on is when the girls flash them in public, sometimes with their backs to the public but the flashing is done to the man behind the camera. You’ll see the guys get laid on a ferry, and on a train, or in a public library but always taking the chance that they will be seen by the public, but then that’s what gets your heart racing n n the danger of being found out. Many guys have had blowjobs while parked in a public parking lot and watched as people walked dangerously close to the car and thus know all about what that does to one’s libido. It is just plainly very exciting to have some form of sex in public! This site captures those feelings well, that’s for sure, and if you have ever enjoyed the prospect of getting caught, then you know that your body is filled with adrenaline at that very moment. Each of the scenes portrayed in this site is going to make you very hard indeed as you see first of all how easily the guys pick up these girls, and secondly as you watch the girls greedily eyeing the money and then agreeing to do all manner of things, right there in public. That kind of thing probably would not work as well here in the United States, but in Czechoslovakia, it works wonders. You may wonder if you are going to be irked by the fact that they are speaking Czechoslovakian through all this negotiating but rest assured that they are utilizing good old English subtitles to cure that problem. What won’t be cured is your jealousy when you see how easily these guys pick up such hot chicks!

With a Name Like That

This site is brought to you by the nice folks at Mofos Network, and with a name like that you know they must know all about porn and do it well, right? The Mofos Network is busy producing some of the best porn available but specifically they are heavily into reality porn, thus you will find their sites are laden with rich quality scenes that often deal with girls who are on the street, or stranded somewhere and in need of male “help.”

The Offering Is Amazing

The Mofos Network wants you to enjoy Public Pickups along with the others who have joined this site, and thus have made a very special offering for you. You can actually get a 2 day trial membership so that you can see for yourself what a cool site this is, and it will cost you only $1.00! If you believe that 2 days will not be enough time to thoroughly judge this site, you can always go for a month’s membership. That’s only going to cost you $29.98. Now, if you are one of those guys that watches your money like a hawk, you might instead go for the 3 month membership. Things get better and better, this only costs $19.99 @ month, or yearly only $10.00 per month!

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