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Although petiteballerinasfucked is just a series containing videos on a certain type of fantasy, you definitely want to see more once you go on their website. It is a stunning mix of high-quality porn and gorgeous looking models, brought together by an amazing team of professionals that give only their best. You will definitely be impressed by what you find.

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Design & Features

From the start, petiteballerinasfucked does a good job not only at promoting themselves, but also at promoting their bonus websites. By getting a membership on this website you get full and free access to a total of nine websites, each of them putting a unique spin on a concept. The website is impeccably realized and very easy to navigate. It also works well on mobile device and I was really surprised to see that, as you scroll down on the homepage, they know how to really promote all nine websites.

Petiteballerinasfucked starts by offering you all the standard features for this type of website, such as the join page, a cams and bonus sites page and of course, models, videos and photos. The colors used for the website are perfect for the ballerina theme: white, grey and pink. They are inspired by a ballerina’s costumes and everyday style. They have great customer support and you can sign up for a free newsletter is you want to stay updated on the newest videos.

Girls & Videos

Although petiteballerinasfucked is all about cute models, it will be hard for you to find better looking girls elsewhere. I loved the fact that in both the photos and videos the natural beauty of the girls comes forward. That natural beauty is really impressive: regardless of where they come from, the girls have some amazing bodies. The height makes them even more adorable, but I think you will be more impressed with their flexibility and athleticism. They have a specific elegance to them and a special sweetness in their smiles.

They have gorgeous faces that belong on the covers of fashion magazines, mysterious eyes and all the grace you would expect from a dancer. Some of them have tattoos, which is a really nice touch. Even though they might look shy, they also have a naughty side and they do everything in front of a camera, hardcore sex of all kinds. You can find threesome videos, anal, lesbian, toys, oral and more. In all of the videos the girls do their thing in the most athletic way and everywhere they are stretched out in graceful dancer poses.

All of the videos are shot in HD and the photo sets are in high resolution. There are few videos and photo sets, but they are just enough to satisfy every urge you may have. The videos and the girls are extremely professional. I really love that they respect the theme very well, by having the videos shot in dance rooms with the poles and the shiny floors. The backgrounds are impeccable and the sets really inspire the purity and the clean style of ballet dancers. Everything, from the video backgrounds to the clothes and shoes that the girls wear remind you of a classic and timeless fantasy: the innocent girl getting what she deserves in the mist hardcore and original way.

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PetiteBallerinasFucked Reviews
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